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black sea urchin Canon 60D   canon macro lens 60mm two ikelite strobe DS125  seacam housing.
By Noel Lopez
posted 06:23 CST Today (within the last hour)
Heider Bergsee
By Natascha Lobisch
posted Yesterday
caballones chanel Gardens of the queen.Canon G16.
By Noel Lopez
posted (3 days ago)
smile please  taken under permit
By Arun Madisetti
posted (3 days ago)
It looks like Mars  instead it is Earth. Shot taken in Mayan Blue  one of the many submerged caves scattered along the Mayan Riviera_ 2021
 Canon 14mm t1/50 f/6.3 iso800
By Antonio Venturelli
posted (3 days ago)
caribean reef shark  Canon 60D  tokina lens 10 17mm at 10mm two ikelite subtrobe DS125  seacam housing.
By Noel Lopez
posted (4 days ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Utila, Bay Islands

Underwater Photo Location: Utila, Bay Islands

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Utila, best place to do courses and learn diving. cheap and excellent dive schools + atmosphere
Facts about Utila, Bay Islands

by Hamid Rad
Colpophyllia natans in Utila, Honduras. My favourite coral to photograph. with beautiful color contrasts / Canon G9 with Ikelite housing & DS160 strobe

by Hamid Rad
Heaven is underwater... Acropora palmata / Canon G9 with Ikelite housing

by Hamid Rad
My buddy Simon doing a backflip from the Utila Dive Center jetty.

by Hamid Rad
Tiger Grouper cleaned by a Spanish Hogfish. Canon G9/Ikelite housing & DS160 strobe.

by Jerri Wilbanks
I had just completed a shore dive off Utila and was getting out of the water when I spotted this reef squid in about 2 feet of water. I put on my mask and snorkel and floated over the squid taking several photos as he seemed to pose for me.

by Hamid Rad
Bubble Reflection - Utila, Honduras Talk about a lucky shot ! Been trying to get a better one ever since, spent entire dives swimming above other divers and never got even close.

by Ozden Konuralp
Angelfish- Canon 400D 100mm. macro. ikelite housing. Utila Honduras.

by Jonathan Sala
Carcharinus Perezi

by Jonathan Sala
Perezi's Detail

by Chris Miskavitch
Diver shooting images

by Marylin Batt
Tiny shrimp on a Whip coral.
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