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A new one for me... so cute
By Mathieu Macias
posted 20:54 CST Today (within the last hour)
 Winter Tree  sharks are under threat and need our protection. Millions are killed a year. This image is in reference to that  since anemones provide protection for clownfish.
By Conor Culver
posted 18:40 CST Today (2 hours ago)
Gilt head sea breams are the true kings of the Mediterranean
By Göksu Kenanoğlu
posted 17:55 CST Today (3 hours ago)
By Debra Cahill
posted 17:36 CST Today (3 hours ago)
Feeling Blue
By Nick Polanszky
posted 17:18 CST Today (3 hours ago)

Face to face with Idiomysis size of 2mm
Extreme Super Macro
By Iyad Suleyman
posted 16:13 CST Today (4 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Cozumel

Underwater Photo Location: Cozumel

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Good easy diving. Water temp was wonderful in March. Colors were great
Facts about Cozumel
  • It is in Mexico
  • Cozumel is in the Caribbean Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-30 Metres 0-100 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.
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by Patti Furlano
Anyone got a really big tub of butter?

by James Francis
I few years ago I missed a shot because I used a cheap camera, well determined to never miss a shot again I took the plunge and invested in some real equipment this last year. The result; Cozumel Rainbow Squid...

by David Andrew
Gray Angel

by Steven Anderson
One of my favorites - French Angelfish are so friendly and photogenic. I followed this Angel for a minute or so and she rewarded me with a frontal shot.

by Steven Anderson
"Ripples" This is an example of the visibility often seen when diving off Cozumel.

by Raoul Caprez
Yummy, yummy ... no, I'm joking :-)

by Steven Anderson
This image was taken last week in Cozumel. Sunsets are beautiful and there is always enjoyment and proper closure to each day of diving with sunsets like this.

by Raoul Caprez
Picture taken in Cozumel with a Canon G9 and a single DS125 Ikelite strobe.

by Herbert Dubois
Spiny Urchin

by Herbert Dubois
Palancar Reef Cozumel, Mexico

by Herbert Dubois
Moving Day - Night photo taken in front of Scuba Club Cozumel

by Steven Anderson
This image of a Queen Angel was taken during a dive at one of my favorite reefs off Cozumel, Cedral Shallow.

by Raoul Caprez
Little couple

by Raoul Caprez
Rypticus saponaceus

by Veronica Main
Spawning coral

by Raoul Caprez
What a crowd this day :-)

by Nick Roitman
Barracuda on C-53, Cozumel, Mexico.

by Raoul Caprez

by Nathan Cook
Lion Fish

by Nathan Cook
Coral Portal

by Nathan Cook
Caribbean Cruise Line making it's way out of Cozumel

by Nathan Cook
Cozumel, Mexico

by Bob Jeannetti
Photo of C-58 wreck in Cozumel

by Ryan Andino
sea turtle, photo taken in cozumel mexico in about 45 ft of water on a guided dive to palancar reef using fuji e900 w/red filter

by Cheri Denn
Cozumel, MX

by Cheri Denn
RUN, BABY, RUN - taken at the turtle release on Cozumel, MX

by Rick Thibert

by Rick Tegeler
Anemone - Cozumel

by Steven Anderson
A watchful eye of a Barracuda taken during a dive off Cozumel. The eye always has constant contact while their mouths are wide open.

by Steven Anderson
This tiny Spotted Cleaner Shrimp makes it's home in this anemone and keeps a clean house! This image was taken during a dive in Cozumel.

by Chuck Williams
Brittle Star inside a sponge.

by Dave Breckenridge
Cozumel - Coming up for our safety stop in super clear water.

by Nathan Cook
This Croc was hanging out near our boat during our surface interval. Amazing!

by Nathan Cook
Sunset clouds over the water in Cozumel Mexico.

by Cheri Denn
This turtle is huge. The diver is swimming right next to him. Beautiful

by Alfonso Alcantara F.
Tormentos Wall,Cozumel Island,Mexico. Using Canon G10, housing Fix G10, Fisheye FIX wide angle lens, single strobe Sea and sea YS 110a. 90 ft deep.

by Francisco F Kyle

by Francisco F Kyle

by Francisco F Kyle
f16/200 tow ion full night dive

by Francisco F Kyle
f22/125 tow ieon full

by Stuart Spechler
Natural beauty of a queen angelfish in her realm.

by Stuart Spechler
Hawksbill sea turtle preparing to launch. Beautiful background. Great dive.

by Stuart Spechler
Whatever you're selling, I don't want any. Huge green Moray eel, Cozumel. Taken with a Fuji Finepix S2 in an Aquatica housing.

by Klaus Bosbach
Angel fish in Cozumel

by Klaus Bosbach
Titanik NOT, sunken ship in Cozumel

by Trent Hebrlee
Sleeping Nurse Shark behind a wall of Fry.

by Jason Sawicki
Interesting and beautiful coral formations in Cozumal at a site named Palancar Caves. The site is part of the overall Palancar reef system so famous in Cozumel. This photo was taken in about 90 feet of water upon exiting one of the swim throughs..

by Jason Sawicki
Stingray with a buddy was right under the boat in 50 ft of water upon descent. Black and White photo

by Dave Wasserman
I shot this picture with a Nikon d7000 in a sea and sea housing with a singe inon strobe..It was taken in Cozumel Mexico. 1/100, f5.6 ,iso 100 60mm micro

by Giny Smith
My first trip with my Canon 5dmkII 17-40mm. Up close and personal with this very cooperative model!

by Giny Smith
Thanks Shelly!

by Giny Smith
Is she gone yet?

by Rick Thibert
At the Pier Scuba Club Cozumel

by Rick Thibert
diver and anchor

by Patrick Jackson
Was diving on Tormentos Reef in Cozumel and caught this Stingray seconds before he took off.... if you look at his eye, he's looking right at me and knows, that I know he's there.

by Wilfred Hdez
I took the photo in Cozumel (Mexico).

by Alejandro Topete
Splendid Toad fish, Cozumel Mexico

by Alejandro Topete
Master of the Reef, Cozumel Mexico

by Beth Watson
Cozumel, Mexico....

by Alejandro Topete
Anemone in the reef, Cozumel Mexico

by Herbert Dubois
Channel Clinging Crab

by Eduardo Nadal
Abi and Pina ruining my photo

by Lori Albrecht
Cleaner shrimp with a tribal face

by Jerry Stinnett
Male seahorse on a shore dive at the dive shop.

by Tom Thomas
First time submitting; a Christmas Tree, in the spirit of the recent season.

by Ronald Smith
Grey Angelfish taken off the beach in Cozumel while shore diving

by Ken Kiefer
Young Queen Angel in Cozumel finally captured in front of the colorful corals instead of the bland sand! Shot with a Canon 5D and a single strobe, while fighting the ever present currents around Cozumel!

by Alejandro Topete
Colorfull Reef Cozumel

by Alejandro Topete
Cozumel Reef

by Chris Miskavitch
School - stay together stay together

by Jerry Stinnett
There were supposed to be 3 seahorses in the are of the Atlantis submarine on Cozumel. Dive near there on shore dives and found 2 today along with a lot of pipe and dwarf pipe horses. Cool afternoon.

by Mathias Weck
Mexico - Cozumel - Reef

by Mathias Weck
Mexico - Isla Mujeres - Musa Museum Subaquatico

by Stuart Spechler
A very focused diver slowly ascending from the depths. He appears to have been on some sort of secret ops mission.

by Alejandro Topete
Stars and snorkelers, Cozumel Mexico

by Brad Trostad
Seahorse up close in Cozumel. Canon 5D2, 100L macro, 1 strobe.

by Brad Trostad
Yep, I see you! Canon 5D2, 100L macro, one strobe

by David Gilchrist
Colourful Reef Scenic, Cozumel

by Alejandro Topete
Stars in the Sky, Cozumel México

by Alejandro Topete
Sofi with the Stars, El Cielo, Cozumel, México
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