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Feeding Sea cucumber
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted 07:59 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Shipwreck on Bonaire. The wreck is upside down and not very big. But has a lot of colors.
By Brenda De Vries
posted 07:35 CST Today (1 hour ago)
longing   waiting for prey to pass by.
By Tommy Harivaldo
posted 03:36 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Elegant nudibranch  Olympus Pen Epl1
By Marivic Maramot
posted Saturday, July 2, 2022
Follow me  Stiliger in San Miguel  Dauin
By Glenn Carballo
posted Yesterday
Twin brothers.
Two hinge beak shrimps at Silver Reef divesite  Dauin  Negros Oriental  Philippines.
Nikon D750  Nikkor 105mm  ISO 200  f/22  1/125  Easydive Leo3 housing  2 Ikelite strobes.
By Margriet Tilstra
posted Yesterday

Underwater Photo Location: Pedra do Leão - Sesimbra

Underwater Photo Location: Pedra do Leão - Sesimbra

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A very nice and life-rch dive spot.
Water temperature: around 16º on Winter, 20º on Summer.
Visibility: about 10 mts
Several species can be seen here, including Moon Fish, Small Sharks, Eagle Rays..

Facts about Pedra do Leão - Sesimbra
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by Fernando Trindade
This is a kind of crab named "Navalheira" in portuguese. Species: Necora Puber Family: Portunidae This picture is an example of Depth of Field usage. Focus is at crab's eyes. Water Temp: 16º Depth: 13.3 meters Spot: Pedra do Leão - Sesimbra

by Carlos Ernesto
paracentrotus lividus.Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob

by José Carvalho
Fisheye view of...a fish eye.

by José Carvalho
Small wonders in the sand.

by Elia Correia
Gymnangium montagui!

by Joao Pedro Tojal Loia Soares Silva
Face to face with a female Tripterygion delaisi. Shot using Canon EOS 350D in Ikelite housing, Canon 100mm macro, Nikonos SB-105 strobe.

by Carlos Ernesto
Echinaster sepositos. Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob

by Carlos Ernesto
Octopus vulgaris.Olympus c-7070 and Ys strob

by Joao Pedro Tojal Loia Soares Silva
Tritonia nilsodhneri nudibranch perfectly camouflaged on Eunicella verrucosa gorgonian. Shot using Canon EOS 350D in Ikelite housing, Ikelite Ai and Nikonos SB-105 strobes.

by Carlos Ernesto

by Joao Pedro Tojal Loia Soares Silva
A couple of ovulid snails (Simnia spelta) shot on a night dive 10m deep using Canon EOS 350D, Canon 100mm macro, Ikelite housing, twin Nikonos SB-105 strobes

by Carlos Ernesto
bispira volutacornis detail

by Diogo Ferreira
"Let's play hide and seek"

by Diogo Ferreira
"Catch me if you can"

by Diogo Ferreira
"Studio session with Amilcar the topmodel"

by Diogo Ferreira Sayanda
Ninja pose
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