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Sagaminopteron Psychedelicum
By Julian Hsu
posted 22:47 CST Today (within the last hour)
One of North Florida s hidden gems.
By Griff Gainnie
posted 17:23 CST Today (5 hours ago)
By Marko Perisic
posted 17:09 CST Today (5 hours ago)
A french angel peeking around the corner
By Lowrey Holthaus
posted 15:10 CST Today (7 hours ago)
A reluctant model. This Juvenile Dusky Grouper was hiding under a rock and I had to hold camera in place  under the rock  to obtain this portrait
By David Gilchrist
posted 14:56 CST Today (8 hours ago)
Only a face a mother will love
By Mario Robillard
posted 14:32 CST Today (8 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Maldives

Underwater Photo Location: Maldives

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Facts about Maldives

by Holger Koch

by Michael Johnson
Shot in the Maldives in April, 2009.

by Keith Savill
Sunset Reflections on Maldivian Liveaboard

by Keith Savill
Mantas Mantas!! 100 or so Manta's in a vortex of feeding frenzy. An amazing diving experience. Canon Ixus 85is and Inon Fisheye.

by Keith Savill
Oncoming traffic. Canon Ixus 85is on manual white balance.

by Keith Savill
Manta Reflections

by Keith Savill
Manta's Dancing...

by Keith Savill
I need to get myself a Rebreather!!!

by Debi Henshaw
3 of a kind! Tokina 10-17mm + 1.4 TC

by Afflitti Gianluca

by Keith Savill
Manta Soup....

by Keith Savill
Two Harlequin Filefish - Canon Ixus 85, Inon Macro lens, Inon D2000 strobe

by Keith Savill
The eye of the moray. Canon Ixus 85is, Inon Macro lens, Inon D2000 strobe.

by Keith Savill
Magnificent Anenomies - so beautiful. Just a shame the inhabitants weren't playing ball!

by Keith Savill
Green Eyes... 2 Sea Grass Ghost Pipefish

by Keith Savill
Hooked! - Nurse Shark that has had a close encounter.

by Keith Savill
Bar Tailed Moray. Taken with Canon Ixus 85, Inon D2000 strobe and Inon macro lens.

by Paul Flandinette
Taken on a cleaning station, using a Tokina 10-17

by Christine Hamilton
Magnificent Mantas

by Nicole Tan
Divers in the blue A silhouette portraiture of the dive buddies on our trip in Maldive

by Adam Hew
jet fighters.

by Marchione Giacomo
Shot Nikon D200, 12-24mm Nikon, twin strobo Maldives

by Oscar Miralpeix

by Betül Ündar
Bluestripe Snappers

by Oscar Miralpeix
Mantas feeding

by Oscar Miralpeix
Moray eel close up

by Oscar Miralpeix
whaleshark and uwphotographer ready to take a photo

by Oscar Miralpeix

by Luke Gordon
Cruising the shallows

by Oscar Miralpeix
during safety stop

by Oscar Miralpeix

by Oscar Miralpeix

by Oscar Miralpeix

by Oscar Miralpeix
Sunset in Maldives

by Oscar Miralpeix
little puffer

by Oscar Miralpeix
calloplesiops altivelis

by Andrew Falconer
This shot of two manta rays came at the end of a liveaboard dive trip in the Maldives. The pair seemed to be performing a courting ritual that went on for ages and were oblivious of me

by Oscar Miralpeix

by Wolfgang Zwicknagl
Portrait, background slightly darkened but almost out of cam.

by Oscar Miralpeix
Sweetlips in Maldives

by Oscar Miralpeix
surgeonfish portrait

by Marteyne Van Well
Two mantas swimming in a 'train'. Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark III and EF 8-15mm fisheye lens at Six Senses Laamu in Maldives

by Marteyne Van Well
An ornate ghost pipefish

by Oscar Miralpeix
Maldives sunset

by Sean Chinn
Grandad Moray.

by Tony Ho
Nurse sharks around the boat in the evening

by Joerg Blessing
Glassy day

by Joe Graham
Spaceship! Manta passing by on Night dive under the boat
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