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Whale Shark Feeding  Isla Contoy M xico
By Alejandro Topete
posted 15:47 CST Today (within the last hour)
A black tip reef shark  in the crystal clear waters in Ant atoll  Pohnpei   Micronesia.
By Shamma Amro
posted 15:13 CST Today (within the last hour)
Coral Reef  Snorkeler  Fish  Bora Bora
By Pauline Walsh Jacobson
posted 10:15 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Periclimenes imperator
Nikon D500  Nikkor 60mm  Nauticam housing  Saga  20 diopter  YS D1 strobe with LSD 
F18  1/30  ISO200
By Julian Hsu
posted Yesterday
By Patrick Verbustel
posted (2 days ago)

Reef Cuttlefish   Sepia latimanus

Bali  Indonisia
By Stefan Follows
posted (2 days ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Carib Inn reef

Underwater Photo Location: Carib Inn reef

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An easy shore dive from the dock at the Carib Inn in Bonaire
Facts about Carib Inn reef

by J. Daniel Horovatin
A flamingo tongue taken with an Olympus C-7070.

by John Roach
Bothus lunastus

by Christopher Lynch
8ft manta,snorkeling@12+

by Christopher Lynch
surf crab on concrete sea wall

by John Roach
"Houston, we have cognition!"

by John Roach
Bruce's ( Not in the hospitality business) Frogfish. 64 FSW. This girl likes to have her photo taken. She was on the same coral head for two months and may still be there.

by John Roach
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp Bonaire Dutch Caribbean

by John Roach
Three of a kind beats a full house. Squat anemone shrimp

by John Roach
Hall of the Mountain King.

by John Roach
Ringed Blenny Starksia hassi at Carib Inn House reef Bonaire NA Dutch Caribbean

by John Roach
Pedersen Cleaner shrimp Carib Inn reef

by Jennifer Ramins
Yin and Yang

by John Roach
Ride of the valkyries!

by John Roach
It's about all I got to give.... Longlure Frogfish Bonaire

by John Roach
Welcome to my Nightmare.... Red Snapping shrimp Alpheus armatus

by Nick Polanszky
Scuba Diver Natalia looking up at the tall standing tube corals of Bonaire

by John Roach
Medusa Blenny Bonaire

by John Roach
The cirri goatee!!!
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