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School of Bluestripe Snapper  Lutjanus kasmira
By Oksana Maksymova
posted 03:17 CST Today (within the last hour)
just cruising  taken under permit
By Arun Madisetti
posted Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Bullshark season 2021
By Ramon Magana
posted Yesterday
bleny  panasonic GH4  panasonic 60mm macro lens  two sea and sea flash  nauticam housing GH4
By Noel Lopez
posted Yesterday
Juvenile wolf eel curious about me.
By David Sisson
posted (2 days ago)
Clownfish with Retra snoot
By Magali Marquez
posted (2 days ago)

Underwater Photo Location: South Ari Atoll

Underwater Photo Location: South Ari Atoll

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Canon G 10
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by Daniel Petitmermet
Call for attention !

by Olivier Notz
wunderful experience to snorkel with a whale shark. Unfortunately, it is quite a long time ago...

by Boris Pamikov
Videographer shooting the Marcha Fushi wreck - South Ari Atoll

by Barbara Schilling
Trying the blue background for the black Frogfish for the first time :-D

by Simon Barnes
Black Tip Reef Shark on the hunt in the South Ari Atol of the Maldives; snorkeling beneath the spa! Canon S100 w/strobe

by Simon Barnes
Tomato Clown in host anemone in the South Ari Atol of the Maldives. Taken with Canon S100 and strobe at 5m.

by Olivier Notz
A Painted Spiny Lobster that didn't like that to be photographed.

by Marchione Giacomo
Whale Shark with remores Nikop D800E, 17-35mmNikon

by Martin Genov
During a liveaboard trip to Maldives I took a shot of this frogfish with my Olympus TG-6, Isotta housing , Backscatter M52 wide angle lens and 2x INON S-2000 strobes.

by Martin Genov
Mantis shrimp shot during my liveaboard trip to Maldives. Olympus TG-6 , Isotta hosing, 2xINON S-2000
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