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Beautiful cerata of a white lined dirona
By Shuo-Wei Chang
posted 22:56 CST Today (within the last hour)
Bonfire diving
By Magali Marquez
posted 10:41 CST Today (12 hours ago)
Old slate mine in Willingen  Germany. This is the room where the explosives were stored.
By Brenda De Vries
posted 07:14 CST Today (15 hours ago)
Juvenile Emperor Angelfish.
Dauin  Ginama an  Negros Oriental.
Nikon D750  Nikor 105mm. ISO 200  f/22  1/125  Ikelite housing  2 Ikelite strobes.
By Margriet Tilstra
posted 06:50 CST Today (16 hours ago)
manta hypnose
By Pieter Firlefyn
posted 02:56 CST Today (20 hours ago)
Haminoea sp.
By Sofia Tenggrono
posted Monday, July 4, 2022

Underwater Photo Location: Rye Pier

Underwater Photo Location: Rye Pier

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by Brian Mayes
I lifted a metal plate and found this octopus looking after her eggs. Carefully put the plate back down, but discovered on subsequent dive 2 days later, some moron had turned the plate over and left it with eggs and octopus exposed to die. :-(

by Brian Mayes
It takes keen eyes to spot a Tassled Anglerfish (aka Tangler) and this is one of the easy ones.

by Brian Mayes
"Come on, tuck in!" ........Bridled Leatherjackets (Acanthaluteres spilomelanurus)

by Brian Mayes

by Phil Davison
Young Seahorse chillaxing on a night dive under Rye Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.

by Bill Van Eyk
Seahorse looking over its "shoulder"

by Richard Wylie
Beginning of a dusk/night dive under Rye pier this beautiful sponge caught my eye..

by Richard Wylie
Sea Hare egg mass - perhaps dropped from the pier above or stirred up from the nearby boat's propeller but as they are usually found on sandy sea floors I was surprised to see it above me (though quite happy to take advantage of the opportunity).

by Richard Wylie
This pot bellied seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis) was swimming around the top of the pier on a dive recently. It was a remarkably inquisitive seahorse - this shot was taken with a Tokina 10-17mm wide angle lens.

by Richard Wylie
Under the jetty! This is one of the reasons I love the temperate jetty life - the views are amazing!

by Bill Van Eyk
Juvenile stingray with sea lice on its wings. It appeared to be severely affected by the lice and looked emaciated.

by Richard Wylie
This was what I was talking about earlier - this pot bellied seahorse was remarkably inquisitive. Ps sorry about the watermark but I'm travelling and don't have access to lightroom to change it...

by Richard Wylie
Small Galaxy - this egg mass was stirred up by boats next to the pier - some sand and backscatter removed from the picture.

by Phil Davison
Sea Lion Silhouette, Just under Rye pier on Mornington peninsula, there are a couple of Australian Fur seal pups who've made their home & show their cheeky side by taking fish and squid from the fishermen! Canon S90 w INON UFL165, 1/400 F2.2 ISO80

by Richard Wylie
Pot Bellied Seahorse

by Richard Wylie
Gentle Giant - taken while free diving. Smooth Rays can grow to 4.3 meters long and 2.1 meters wide and 350 kg but are incredibly inquisitive animals. This one played with me for almost 25 minutes - and was as interactive as a puppy!

by Richard Wylie
"Smooth Ray Smile". Was free diving with this beautiful creature a couple of weeks ago - incredibly inquisitive! Despite their reputation they're gentle giants - every time I dived down to take a photo it would swim over the top of me.

by Richard Wylie
"What a long tail you have". Pot Bellied Seahorse!

by Richard Wylie
"Pot Bellied Seahorse B&W". taken with a Tokina 10-17mm with a 1.4 teleconverter.

by Richard Wylie
Pot Bellied seahorses are unlike other seahorses as they can travel quite large distances and are happy to swim around. This guy was swimming between the pylons under Rye Pier.

by Bill Van Eyk
Freshly "moulted" spidercrab with clear colours among a million or so of brother and sisters near and under the pier

by Richard Wylie
Crabzilla" Spider crab aggregations are here in Port Phillip Bay with masses of these guys congregating under Rye Pier. This guys crawled over my camera while I was lying on the bottom.

by Richard Wylie
Spider Crab on the Pier.

by Bill Van Eyk
Spider crab ready to moult. It even has algal growth on its antennae and eye stalks.

by Richard Wylie
"Curiosity" - Pot Bellied seahorse curious about what I'm doing here!

by Haydn Salvas
Cute little guy under Rye Pier, does it look like he's poking his tongue out to you?

by Dave Baxter
file fish and hitch hiker

by David Haintz
Seahorse at Rye pier

by Francesco Ricci
A baby Short-Headed Sea Horse hanging in between an explosion of life
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