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Cave Diver in France
By Andy Kutsch
posted 04:45 CST Today (within the last hour)
cryptic sponge shrimp
By Edwin Escleto
posted 02:10 CST Today (2 hours ago)
Divers chased away by the Odonus niger from my previous picture. Only natural light.   Erik
By E&e Lp
posted 01:29 CST Today (3 hours ago)
Silvertip  Nudibranch
Mother and Child
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted Thursday, December 8, 2022
By Arda Yavuzdogan
posted Thursday, December 8, 2022
Flamboyant cuttlefish with Retra LSD
By Magali Marquez
posted Thursday, December 8, 2022

Underwater Photo Location: Fihalhohi House Reef

Underwater Photo Location: Fihalhohi House Reef

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Friendly staff on Fihalhohi Island Resort. Water temp at around 30C year round. Shore dives and boat trips available. Particularly decent house reef with a great deal of variety which means you never get bored. Both North and South sides of the island can be visited with visible stop/turnaround points. Sloped sand entry to South and drop entry with vertical wall to North.
Facts about Fihalhohi House Reef
  • It is in Maldives
  • Fihalhohi House Reef is in the Indian Ocean.
  • The typical depth is 0-20 Metres 0-60 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.
Dive types

Marine Life

Diving facilities

Photo facilities

by Gerri Tomlinson
Taken in Oct 09, Fihalhohi, Maldives. Say ahhhhhhhh....

by Michel Lonfat
Beautiful face to face with this blue Triggerfish in the Maldives... Que du bonheur... :O)...

by Gerri Tomlinson
Fihalhohi, Nov 2008. Watching you watching me....

by Gerri Tomlinson
Coral Grouper taken on Fihalhohi House Reef, Maldives

by Gerri Tomlinson
Anemone fish taken at Fihalhohi Island House Reef, Maldives.

by Michel Lonfat
Cleaning Schrimp... Que du bonheur... :O)...

by Rico Besserdich
A paradise named "The Maldives" . Whish I could be there now again !! CANON Powershot A80, Maldives ( Fihalhohi Island, North Male Atoll ), Autuum 2004

by Rico Besserdich
"Tales from the past, Part II" My own bubbles in the indian ocean. Shot while freediving. Canon Powershot A80; natural light only. Maldives 2004

by Gerri Tomlinson
Lionfish Canon G11 with just internal flash

by George Collins
sealife dc1200 snorkling Wide angle lens

by Carsten Schroeder
Turtle HDR Nikon AW130

by Carsten Schroeder
mirror snorkeling Nikon AW130

by Carsten Schroeder
Turtle taken with an Nikon AW130

by Carsten Schroeder
Turtle beauty taken with Nikon AW 130 at snorkeling

by Carsten Schroeder

by Carsten Schroeder
into the Blue taken with an Nikon AW 130
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