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Turtle riding the current  Blue Corner  Palau
By Billy Watson
posted 20:19 CST Today (within the last hour)
Bornella nudibranch. Anilao.
By Mehmet Salih Bilal
posted 18:01 CST Today (2 hours ago)
Long spined sea scorpion  Taurulus bubalis    Picture taken in Dunmanus Bay  Ireland.
By Gary Carpenter
posted 17:20 CST Today (3 hours ago)
Pregnant shrimp  La Paz  Mexico.
By Filip Staes
posted 15:58 CST Today (5 hours ago)
The Arch  Los Islotes  La Paz  Mexico.
By Filip Staes
posted 15:55 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Orangutan Crab
By Iyad Suleyman
posted 14:11 CST Today (6 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Guadalupe Island

Underwater Photo Location: Guadalupe Island

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Facts about Guadalupe Island
  • It is in Mexico
  • Guadalupe Island is in the Pacific.
  • The typical depth is 50+ Metres 160+ Feet.

by William Buchheit
Face to Face

by Joshua Cortopassi
A Great White Shark crashes into the Pacific after a full breach.

by Douglas Klug
Surface Sunlight Cruiser. A Great White Shark washed in sunlight at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XT with Canon 15mm fisheye in Ikelite Housing. Dual DS51 strobes.

by Douglas Klug
Inspection Pass. A Great White comes up close for a peek. Shot with Canon Digital Rebel in Ikelite Housing and 10-22mm zoom in natural light.

by Douglas Klug
Perfect Form. A Great White Shark displaying its evolutionary beauty. Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel and 15mm fisheye in Ikelite Housing with Dual DS51 strobes.

by Jose Manuel Fuentes Canalejo
Great White Shark in Guadalupe Island. What a beautiful creature!

by David Valencia
It's the beginning of shark week and Guadalupe season. This is a good beginning.

by David Valencia
A Great White mouthing at the surface.

by David Valencia
Shark diving in Guadalupe is the best. Clear water, the light is beautiful, oh yeah and there's lots of sharks.

by David Valencia
A dark day at Guadalupe. This shark got very close...

by David Valencia
A shot of what it's like to be in the cage with a great white just on the other side. Looks like the diver is getting the shot.

by David Valencia
Every shark diver's dream....

by David Valencia
Great Whites in the dark.

by David Valencia
Guadalupe island and a look at the entire operation.

by David Valencia
This freediver was taking video of a baitball. The bait moved in perfect unison to keep its safe distance from the diver.

by Wolfgang Zwicknagl
Guadalupe Island is definitly the best place on earth to dive with Great White sharks. Be sure to stay in the cage!!!

by Wolfgang Zwicknagl
Curious Great White, obviously interested in the cages content...

by Karen Allgrove
Great White Shark - Cal Ripfin coming in to say hello!

by Byron Dilkes
HOW ABOUT A HUG? A large, male white shark in ‘full attack mode’ after smashing fish on the surface. The small shoal of stunned anchovy spinning helplessly on the right hand side of the image demonstrates the sheer power of these magnificent creature

by Morgan Ashton
Great White Shark and Friends.Sony RX-100.

by Morgan Ashton
Tag Teaming White Sharks.

by Rasmus Raahauge
"Feeding" behavior near the cage - Isla Guadalupe

by Alex Suh
Sitting on top of shark cage I stuck the camera to try and get some over under shots and this Great White tried to eat my camera and I pulled camera out and shot this photo at the same time.

by Morgan Ashton
Guadalupe Twins

by Ryan Ware
Great White Fun, Isla Guadalupa. Cannon 5D Mark iii, 17-40mm

by Ryan Ware
watch your feet!

by Christopher Borel
Title: Two story apartment for rent in a rough neighborhood This photo describes itself. Great White taken in Guadalupe.

by Geo Cloete
~ Energy ~

by Jeen Snidvongs
A great white lunging for a piece of bait.
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