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Hypselodoris Bullockii
Mama Hanh  Nha Trang
By Antonio Venturelli
posted 06:40 CST Today (within the last hour)
Nudibranch Phyllodesmium jakobsenae
By Oksana Maksymova
posted 00:53 CST Today (6 hours ago)
Thecacera sp. feeding
By Julian Hsu
posted Monday, May 25, 2020
 There s no place like home 

Batfish Pinnacle 

Sail Rock  Thailand
By Stefan Follows
posted Monday, May 25, 2020
Ol  Bule Eyes

Furry Coral Crab   Cymo melanodactylus

Sail Rock  Thailand
By Stefan Follows
posted Yesterday
Trumpetfish/Photographed with a Canon 60 mm macro lens at Alor  Indonesia.
By Laurie Slawson
posted Yesterday

Underwater Photo Location: Kuredo

Underwater Photo Location: Kuredo

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We went there 2 years agao and had a great time. The viz was good, but we were in March so don't know about Nov. We did meet a lot of people who were making return trips to the resort (some up to 10 times) so it must be fairly good. The currents can be strong in places, but this is also where the big pelagics hang out so is well worth the effort. The walls on the far side of the island are quite good and there are many dive sites to suit a range of experiences.
The dive centre (Pro Divers) was very good and friendly and provided nitrox at no extra cost. You could also pick up a tank and go diving on the house reef any time you wanted.

The island itself isn't huge (you can walk round it in less than an hour at a leisurely pace) and there is not a lot to do other than dive and lie on the beach. The food is good but make sure you get an all-inclusive package as the price of extras (like drinks) can be extortionate otherwise. On the way there, you may have the option of a sea plane or boat trip to get from the airport. Take the plane even if it costs a bit more as the 4-5 hour sea trip was described as being not that much fun after a 10 hours plane journey - especially if you get seasick.

I understand that they have upgraded the accomodation in the last 18 months since we were there, so whether it has changed the character of the resort - which was fairly laid back - I don't know, but I hope not.

Other than that - enjoy your trip.


Facts about Kuredo
  • It is in Maldives
  • Kuredo is in the Indian Ocean.
  • The typical depth is 0-20 Metres 0-60 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 3-10 Metres 10-30 Feet.
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by Steve Laycock
Grren turtle and a bit of colourful coral

by Steve Laycock
Blue fin trevally

by Steve Laycock
Two colour parrot fish, with nice teeth

by Steve Laycock
red tooth trigger fish

by Karl Hodgkins
Kimwood, suppose you got to have heard of Jedwood to appreciate this.

by Peet J Van Eeden
The Coral Cruncher and Guests Mutual Interest- Food
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