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A riot of colour in glorious Black   White ...  

Leaf Scorpionfish   Taenianotus triacanthus

Bali  Indonesia
By Stefan Follows
posted Yesterday
Jellyfish lake  Palau
By John Loving
posted (2 days ago)
Ribbon Eel Rhinomuraena quaesita  with Retra snoot 
Nikon D7200 
Sea Sea YS D2 
Retra snoot
By Magali Marquez
posted (3 days ago)
A frequently seen fish in fresh waters  this Rock Bass was photographed in the Lower Niagara River on a night dive.
By David Gilchrist
posted (4 days ago)
A happy cowrie
By Julian Hsu
posted (5 days ago)
Scorpion shrimp  Metapontonia scorpio symbiotic with coral Goniastrea   size 2 3mm
By Oksana Maksymova
posted (5 days ago)

Underwater Photo Location: tolo

Underwater Photo Location: tolo

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This is a wonderful dive on the north end of bonaire. Entry and exit are super easy. There is a short sandy area filled with lots of small macro subjects, followed quickly by a great wall with lots of larger fish and turtles.
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by Ken Schneider
We were finishing our dive; as we turned to swim to our exit, we noticed several large lionfish emerging from the coral looking for dinner. I was able to wait long enough for the lionfish to smile at me and wave my buddy into place before surfacing.

by Richie Leighton
Nice shot of a crab just chillin on the coral . Love the way the red pops and check out the eyeballs
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