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The Collector   Bubble Coral Shrimp
By Morgan Riggs
posted 07:26 CST Today (within the last hour)
Bispira polyomma.

https // en fauna/soorteninformatie/soorten/id/1532/paarse kokerworm
By Eduard Bello
posted 03:08 CST Today (4 hours ago)
Balloonfish  Diodon holocanthus  Blue Heron Bridge  Florida
By Pauline Walsh Jacobson
posted Saturday, September 14, 2019
Velvet swimming crab  Necora puber    Picture taken in Kenmare Bay  Ireland.
By Gary Carpenter
posted Saturday, September 14, 2019
Moving house
By Arun Madisetti
posted Saturday, September 14, 2019
Shrimp on a coral whip/Photographed with a 60 mm macro lens and SMC 1 at Alor  Indonesia
By Laurie Slawson
posted Saturday, September 14, 2019

Underwater Photo Location: lighthouse point

Underwater Photo Location: lighthouse point

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grouper nestled in stove pipe sponge
Facts about lighthouse point
  • It is in Cayman islands
  • lighthouse point is in the Caribbean Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-30 Metres 0-100 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 30+ Metres 100+ Feet.

by Michael Drumstas
mooring line in background

by Ellen Cuylaerts
'Through the wormhole'

by Ellen Cuylaerts
21st...Is the world still there?

by Ellen Cuylaerts
Winter mood Yellowface pikeblenny I didn't use photoshop but played with some Aperture effects (color sepia conversion and monochrome adds) to get the mood I wanted!

by Ellen Cuylaerts
THE GUARDIAN OF THE REEF by Simon Morris Cayman newest dive attraction sunk last April at Lighthouse Point

by Ellen Cuylaerts
I AM LOVE Juvenile Beaugregory (damsel)

by Nina Baxa
Candy Orange. Gaudy Clown Crab, Platypodiella spectabilis, in Pink Vase Sponge, Niphates digitalis - Grand Cayman. Not only was the colour of subject and background too good to ask for, we also found a pair of them in this same sponge! Oly E-PL3.

by Nina Baxa
A Crab and his Haven - Banded Clinging Crab on Sun Anemone.

by Chase Darnell
Loggerhead Encounter, Lighthouse Point Dive Site

by Chase Darnell
"Blue Planet" Hawksbill Turtle busting some tricks for the camera

by Yuping Chen
Hi, little guy./Blenny/Grand Cayman,Canon 5D MarkIII,100mm macro Lens,NauticamSMC, Iron Z240*2
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