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Tandem Squid
By Penn De Los Santos
posted 23:45 CST Today (within the last hour)
Goby fish posing for me
By Paolo Bocci
posted 22:43 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Calico portraits are my favorite and as a relatively skittish fish I had been trying for so long to get one in a faceoff with my camera
By Kylie Van De Wyngaerde
posted 17:12 CST Today (6 hours ago)
Seahorse and his baby
By Min Seok Jeon
posted 09:49 CST Today (14 hours ago)
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted 08:49 CST Today (15 hours ago)
Pilot whales  taken under permit
By Arun Madisetti
posted 07:18 CST Today (16 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Azores Bank

Underwater Photo Location: Azores Bank

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Picture taken at Azores Bank in blue Atlantic ocean
Facts about Azores Bank
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Marine Life

Diving facilities

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by Rasmus Raahauge
Blue shark - Azores

by Rasmus Raahauge
Blink Blink

by Petteri Viljakainen
Blue shark and photographer. Azores. Canon 7D. Tokina 10-17.

by Rasmus Raahauge
Blue dressed in Black

by Petteri Viljakainen
Blue shark, Azores.

by Rasmus Raahauge

by Pieter Firlefyn
Blue shark / close encounter (8mm lens)

by Pieter Firlefyn
Blue shark / Close encounter (8mm lens)

by Tracey Jennings
Blue shark in the Azores

by Pieter Firlefyn
Blue shark

by Tracey Jennings
Blue shark

by Margriet Tilstra
Curious Blue Shark near Fajal Island, Azores. Nikon D80, Nikkor 10-24, ISO 100, f/8, 1/125, Ikelite housing with 2 Ikelite strobes.

by Margriet Tilstra
Are you following me? Blue shark with pilot fish near Fajal Island, Azores, Portugal. Nikon D80, Nikkor 10-24mm, ISO 100, f/8, 1/125.
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