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A beautiful little siphopteron  S. tigrinum  from a recent trip to PNG.
By Bill Van Antwerp
posted 18:50 CST Today (within the last hour)
Porcupinefish during a night dive
By Andrea Alanis
posted 18:04 CST Today (within the last hour)
A brench of stag horn coral survived after the hurricane.
By Lorenzo Mittiga
posted 17:57 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Nudi laying eggs
By Mario Robillard
posted 17:42 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Diver running a testing schedule on an ROV panel which controls an oil pumping module on the sea bed.
By Mark Dobson
posted 17:16 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Chromodoris magnifica.
By Mehmet Salih Bilal
posted 16:54 CST Today (2 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Dhaalu Atoll, NIYAMA House Reef

Underwater Photo Location: Dhaalu Atoll, NIYAMA House Reef

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Steep wall, sporadic coral cover, dense triggerfish schools with reef sharks, turtles and rays.
Facts about Dhaalu Atoll, NIYAMA House Reef

by Luke Gordon
Lizardfish Bokeh

by Luke Gordon
A protective father...

by Luke Gordon
Jorunna rubescens blowing a kiss!

by Luke Gordon

by Luke Gordon
First ever CFWA dive, whip towards snells!

by Luke Gordon
10mm, F10, 1/100th

by Luke Gordon
10mm, F11, 1/80......Stingray

by Luke Gordon
Coming through...

by Luke Gordon
Orange and Blue - Sunburst
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