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Underwater Photo Location: Reefs and wrecks

Underwater Photo Location: Reefs and wrecks

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  • Leru Cut is a geologic formation where the solid
    limestone of an island has a section cut into it. The top of the cut was open
    to the sky, but it was only about 5 meters across at the widest. We dropped
    down to about 15 meters and swam into the cut. It was like going into an unlit
    alleyway between two large buildings at night. Although there was light
    outside on the reef and up above at the top of the cut, down in the cut itself
    it was quite dark. This made for some interesting lighting effects.

  • The Toa Maru is a 400ft+ Japanese cargo ship that was attacked and
    sunk during WWII. The ship rests on its starboard side on a slope with the bow
    in the shallows starting at about 25ft and the stern ending below 120ft.
    Artifacts included fuel drums, ammo, saki bottles, and a motorcycle. The big
    surprise was the condoms that Danny had previously found on one of his many
    dives there. To preserve them, he placed them in a jar and hid them in the
    wreck to show to his guests. I never laughed so hard through a reg when the
    divemaster pulled that jar out of its hiding place.

  • One Tree I caught this dive at a good time as a school of Spotted
    Eagle Rays performed an acrobatic display for over twenty minutes with a few
    of them checking me out at very close distance.

  • The Hell Cat - A shallow dive; 30ft, this American fighter plane was
    perfectly intact. Ammo still found in its wings. Amazingly, this fighter was
    accidentally shot down (pilot survived and was rescued) by WWII ace Greg
    'Pappy' Boyington of the Black Sheep Squadron. One of Pappy's
    bullets hit the engine and the fighter had to ditch due to loss of oil

  • Japanese Zero This is a shallow dive that is only a stones throw from
    the market in Gizo. It is an intact plane that, although interesting on its
    own, had a beautiful florescent red anemone. The two anemone fish that called
    it home were 'tinted' in the same color of red. A few fin strokes
    away are the broken pieces of a Japanese Float plane.

Facts about Reefs and wrecks
  • It is in Solomon islands
  • Reefs and wrecks is in the Pacific.
  • The typical depth is 0-30 Metres 0-100 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.
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by Mark Gray
"Hellcat resting". Wreck of a US Hellcat fighter, near Gizo, Solomon Islands.
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