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Izmır Bay

   Turkey  Aegean Sea
C47 Dakota Military Airplane Wreck

more info about Izmır Bay including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckwallbigairguidedwideanglepfriendly


   Norway  North Sea
Noce island with a friendly diveclub.

more info about Bømlo including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightdriftdrysuitsmallkelpshoalsairfriendlymacrowideangle


   Qatar  Gulf Of Oman
diving at Qatar with Canon g16, Fantasea housing, 2 strobes, and Nauticam Nauticam Super Macro

more info about sealine including maps, reviews, and ratings...wrecksmallairmacro

Wreck of the "Wetmore" near Tobermory.

   Canada  Great Lakes
A cold water shipwreck ideal to build experience for divers of all skill levels. Water clarity is stunning.

more info about Wreck of the "Wetmore" near Tobermory. including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckcavenightdrysuitfreshwaterairnitroxrepairshireinstructionfriendlywideangle

Hemmoor, Germamny

a very popular spot to dive in Germany wit stuff to see ranging from very shallow down to 56m.

more info about Hemmoor, Germamny including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewreckwallnightdrysuitfreshwatersmallairnitroxfriendly

Le morne

Nice sport - clear water

more info about Le morne including maps, reviews, and ratings...wreckpfriendly

Silver Steps

   United Kingdom  Atlantic (European coastal)
Great reef wall and plenty of wildlife

more info about Silver Steps including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewreckwalldrysuitbigsmallkelpshoals


   Venezuela  Gulf of Venezuela
many wreck and life

more info about Cienaga including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckwallnightbigsmallturtlesairinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangle

Doba wreck

   Qatar  Gulf Of Oman
sealine beach Doha Qatar

more info about Doba wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...wrecksmallairwideangle

Oro verda

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
I would highly recommend this dive is was beautiful. Great dive for the end of the day, nice and shollow.

more info about Oro verda including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckairfriendly

aqua fun beach

   Egypt  Red Sea

more info about aqua fun beach including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewrecksmallcoralairnitroxmacrowideangle

Aqua-Fun Beach

   Egypt  Red Sea

more info about Aqua-Fun Beach including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewreckcoralairnitroxmacro

shark site

   Mexico  Caribbean Sea
best dive ever

more info about shark site including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharksturtlescoralairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangle


   Mexico  Gulf Of Mexico
Great Sponges and Coral lots of small fish and occasional eagle ray

more info about Paradise including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharksdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyrepairsinstruction

Ship Wreck

   Mexico  Gulf Of Mexico
Great Ship Wreck

more info about Ship Wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharksdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyphireinstruction

Palancar Ridges Dive Site, Cozumel

   Mexico  Gulf Of Mexico
Great Site lots of Marine Life big sponges and coral medium current,

more info about Palancar Ridges Dive Site, Cozumel including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatshorewreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharksdolphinsturtlescoralstingingairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedmacropfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction

Kaş plane wreck

   Turkey  Mediterranean Sea
dive can be done every season of the year..

more info about Kaş plane wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...wreck

Punta Sur Isla Mujeres

   Mexico  Gulf Of Mexico
Diving at Punta Sur Isla Mujeres, Turtles are breeding in the summer, You could see many turtles. It is a drift dive with a very fast current.

more info about Punta Sur Isla Mujeres including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwrecknightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyphireinstruction

Koh Doc May

   Thailand  Andaman Sea
A little fish, you have to look twice to see the real face

more info about Koh Doc May including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharksturtlescoralairnitroxmacrowideangleprocessing

Koh dock may

   Thailand  Andaman Sea
South of Phuket are a lot of beautiful divesites

more info about Koh dock may including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharksturtlescoralairnitroxhireinstructionmacrowideangleprocessingrepairs
938 Entries Found: Page 2  of  47