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Whadda Island Fingers, Neah Bay Washington

   United States  Pacific
Great cold water diving. Must have a light and be advanced diver to dive this area. Neah Bay is one of Washington states best dive areas and Curley's Resort and dive center in Sekiu is a full service dive shop. I have see whales, wolf fish, basket stars, nudibranchs and the list go's on. The water is cold so if you have a dry suit us it, and the vis can be as good as 60+ feet. I have over 600 dives in this area and I must say it's some of the best diving anywhere.

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WhtyeCliff Park West Vancouver

   Canada  Pacific
WhyteCliff Park is a designated marine park.

more info about WhtyeCliff Park West Vancouver including maps, reviews, and ratings...smallkelp

MV Karma

   Australia  Coral Sea
This 47m trawler washed up on the beach in November 2003 after suffering engine failure. She was then towed and sunk on 24th December 2003. She has since become the premier wreck dive in the region and home to thousands of fish and other marine life. The vessel sits upright in 26 metres with the deck at 18 metres, making it easily accessible to both open water and more advanced divers. Full penetration diving is available to those with the knowledge and experience.

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san miguel island

   United States  Pacific
lucky closeup large macro of sheepshead.

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   Ireland  Atlantic
Small island off coast of Connemara. No dive facilities ashore so boat diving with Scubadive West.
Weather dependent but usually somewhere sheltered to get in.
Wall, gullies, swim throughs. Loads of marine life - stick ons & free swimming.
Viz can be 30m but at other times = dark green water.

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Veronica L (ship wreck)

   Grenada  Caribbean Sea
The ship wreck lays less than 10 minutes off the carribean side of grenada.
We stayed at the Rex Grenadian hotel and dived with Devotion 2 Ocean who are situated on the beach of the hotel.
The Veronica L is an old mine sweeper that sank carrying concrete. To its side is the most beautiful flat bed reef that is scattered with rocks, grasses and corals.
Amazing dive sites... all less than 10 mins from the beach ... definately not to be missed.

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Quadra Island

   Canada  Pacific
With "Abyssal lodge" on Quadra Island you can dive on many sites near Quathiaski Cove ( The tide current is one of the strongest in the world and there is a lot of life in this area. The water is approximately 10° celsius (50°F) all the year and the Viz better in winter. Earl, a friendly guide, will make good food for you...

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Edmonds Underwater Park

   United States  Pacific
This is a 26 acre underwater park, that being part of a marine sanctuary has attracted probably the most marine life of any dive site in the Seattle area. There are multiple types of fish and invertebrates found throughout. On the topside are buoys that are attached to either rope trails used for navigation or attached to many of the artificial reefs used to attract the marine life that inhabit the park. The park is always changing so you never get tired of doing a few dives. Some of the Lingcod that inhabit the park are the largest in the world. The park is maintained by Bruce Higgins, who with a group of volunteer divers meet every weekend and spend time in the water making the park enjoyable for the other divers.

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channel islands- santa barbara, california

   United States  Pacific
unusual combination of tentacles, coloring and dimension in this shot

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Flypoint, Nelson Bay

   Australia  Pacific
Only dive when high tide

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Russian Gulch, Mendocino, CA, United States

   United States  Pacific
The windward side of Russian Gulch is a spectacular canyon dive. Structure extends above the waterline and flattens to a boulder feild at fifty feet deep. There are tunnels, overhangs and walls covered with anemonies, kelp and abalone. A large variety of sea slugs reside here.

Shore access is difficult and the water is cold enough to require a drysuit for scuba. This is a dive for experienced coldwater divers.

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   Norway  North Sea
Great Wiz, Great wrecks and great Macro :)

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GNS spot

   Australia  Indian Ocean
wow a cool dive site max depth 25 mts many GNS here plus turtles etc

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Penlee Point

   United Kingdom  Atlantic (European coastal)
Gentle boat dive - sheltered from prevailing SWesterlies.
Kelp and weed covered ridges with sandy strips in between.

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West Point Rottnest Island

   Australia  Indian Ocean
Rottnest Island, plenty of dive sites around here !!

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St. Ivan and St. Peter, Sozopol

   Bulgaria  Black Sea
The „St. Ivan” Island is with an area of 660 decares and is the biggest of the five islands along the Bulgarian coastline. Just a strait of several meters separates it from the "St. Peter" Island with an area of 4-5 decares. Between them and the shore there were two other islands in the antiquity, called Milos and Gata, which today are underwater.
Nowadays, the „St. Ivan” Island is not inhabited. In 1884, French engineers built a lighthouse pointing the way to the Burgas bay. On the same spot there lie the remains of an antique Roman lighthouse, which was built in ІІ century A.D.
The ruins of the monastery church "St. Ivan Foreshadower", built in 1263, can be seen there.

Besides its historical relics, the „St. Ivan” Island is also a natural reserve. About 72 species of birds nest in its rocks, land, and on its shore, out of which 3 species are included in the Red book of endangered species in the world and 15 in Europe. Other rare biological species inhabit the island as well – the underground hare and the “Monk” seal.

Lots of shoals of fish and other sea wildlife can be seen in the waters around the island at a depth between 4 and 25 meters. The cliffs are covered with black mussels.

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St. Toma (Snake island)

   Bulgaria  Black Sea
Cape "St. Toma" is located about 15 km to the south from the town of Sozopol. Opposite it, about 400 meters from the shore, there is a small island called "St. Toma", also known as “The Snake Island”. The botanist Buresh planted a collection of cactuses on the island with an area of 3 decares in the twenties of the last century. Today, the cactuses have taken over the whole area of the island and perhaps this is why it has been proclaimed a natural reserve. Beautiful cliffs are located in the water around the island, rich of underwater wild live. The depth is from 4 to 12 meters.

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St. Stefan cove

   Bulgaria  Black Sea
The cove is located to the south of the town of Sozopol. This is a place where many species inhabiting the Black Sea can be seen. There are also very beautiful underwater cliffs. Another underwater attraction in the cove is a huge ancient anchor. The place is suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike. The depth is from 6 to 20 meters, and near the shore it goes beneath 5 meters.

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Chinese Hat Island, Galapagos Islands

   Ecuador  Pacific
The Galapagos Islands are the only place on Earth that you can swim with penguins in relatively warm water. We were snorkeling near the island named Chinese Hat, from the liveaboard Flamingo I (Ecoventura).
A flock of about 6-10 friendly penguins swam with us for about 20 minutes. They checked out our cameras, flippers (see photo), and nibbled gently at our wetsuits. The bottom was lava rock covered with kelp with marine iguanas were feeding on the kelp. Water temperatures were in the low 70's in May.

more info about Chinese Hat Island, Galapagos Islands including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardkelpguidedfriendly

p.dayang, Lomok

   Malaysia  Asian Sea
it was dancing in midwater when i saw it in the midst of my dive, i allow it to rest on my wetsuit before i snapped the pic.. and aftr 2 shots, it pushes itself off n dance away into the deep blue..

more info about p.dayang, Lomok including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallcoralkelpairfriendlymacropfriendly
308 Entries Found: Page 11  of  16