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Anchor Bay, Aughrusbeg

   Ireland  Atlantic
Shallow sandy bay with several rocky reefs running parallel to the shore.
Anchor from ? Spanish armada ship lies buried in the sand close to shore.

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The Tapti

   United Kingdom  Atlantic (European coastal)
The wreck of the Tapti fairly well broken up but still some nice large sections of hull. Clean sandy bottom so visibility can be good. Marine life to be spotted includes Conger Eel, Ling, Scorpionfish. Lots of nice Plumose Anenomes on the cover sections of the wreck.

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Dibba rock

   United Arab Emirates
island with a depth of 10 - 15 metres on the seaward side and 5 - 7 on the shore side. access is by boat although a surface swim from the shore is possible if u are a good swimmer. However due to the building of hotels on the sea front access is an issue however, there is a an excellent dive center opposite the island (freestyle divers) which do boat trips to the site. there are things to keep every diver happy on this dive site from the small to the large with whale sharks sometimes around. turtle and blacktip reef sharks are almost Guaranteed species along with most of the local species on display for the diver and snorkeller alike to observe on a shelter and beauitiful dive site

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Bob's Wall, North shore

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
Just off the North shore, down from Stingray City. Great diving.

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Sangalaki island

   Indonesia  Celebes Sea
Although it is expensive to stay on this tiny island it is well worth the money. The island itself is a turtle conservation island. There are more turtles than people here and you will often find turtles laying eggs in front of or under your bungalow during the night.
At sunset the turtle conservation people will release baby turtles back into the sea and when you go diving there's a good chance of seeing turtles mating at the surface.
This island is well known for its manta rays, but there are many other rays too such as blue spotted maskrays, cowtail rays, eagle rays, marbled rays and many otheres.
We saw a few white tip sharks and leopard sharks and many many cuttlefish.
There is not much macro life, but we still found a few beautiful nudibranchs, shrimps, jawfish, hawkfish and other small fish. There are some very nice wide angle photography opportunities here.

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Bob's Reef, Grand Cayman, North Wall

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
Dove this site in August with Indigo Divers. Awesome conditions. Water temperature was 85 to 87 degrees. No current. Minimum surface wave action. Visibility 100+ feet. Almost no particulate matter in the water. Chris and Kate, the dive operators, were great. They were good guides, accommodated our skill level (175 dives for parents, 30 for 16 year old) and took us to sites where my desire to photograph would be maximally served. We will be back. Now I see why the Caymans are the most dived spot in the world.

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Little Killary

   Ireland  Atlantic
Shore dive @ ScubaDive West, Connemara.

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Pyramid Rocks -False bay-Cape Peninsula

   South Africa  Indian Ocean
Pyramid Rocks is situated just before Castle rocks on the road to the Cape Point Nature Reserve.Travelling from Cape town you will pass through Fishhoek and Simons town.After the Millers Point turn off the road dips and then climbs again at the bottom off the dip is a pull off area for about 2 vehicles.This is the Parking
,you kit up here and walk down the path to the right to the dive entry spot

The area around Pyramid Rocks cleans up with a North westerly and South Westerly wind,and on good days the viz is more than 20 meters.The Top of the Pyramid shaped rock can be seen breaking the surface in the distance,this is a long snorkel out to the rocks.
This area has been a marine reserve for years so all the Delights of False bay can all be seen in one dive.There are quite a few different fish species the obvious are the Red Roman,John Brown,the Cape Knife jaw,Zebra's,Streepies and of course the National fish the Galjoen.Three species of shy shark,Pyjama,Gully shark and Soupfin are regularly spotted the juvenile Dusky's put in a rare appearance.
The Attraction of this dive sight are the Seven gill spotted cow sharks,These slow swimming prehistoric looking sharks cruise lazily around the area between the shore and the Pyramid.Broad snouted they can get up to 3 meters in length.they have the unnerving habit of swimming straight at divers .the divers always give way.Potentially dangerous there have been no incidents of attack or aggression at this dive site.
Large orange wall sponges jut out along the walls and thousands of micro organisms create stunning colours along the dive.Gas flame Nudibranchs and the cape dorid are some of the numerous nudibranchs to be seen.
On one occasion we had to stop and wait for a whale to swim passed on our swim out,Also spotted here is the Cape Clawless otter.

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Castle Rocks -False bay-Cape peninsula

   South Africa  Indian Ocean
Castle Rocks is situated just before the Cape Point Nature Reserve.Travelling from Cape town you will pass through Fishhoek and Simons town.The Coastal drive in itself is a tourist attraction.After the Millers Point turn off you will see a large outcrop of rocks.Not to hard to see why they are called Castle Rocks.Parking is on the side of the Road,about 15 meters above sea level,so you kit up here and walk down to the entry spot.

False Bay cleans up with a North westerly and South Westerly wind,and on good days the viz is more than 20meters.The sheltered Bay varies in depth from 3-7meters and is ideal for snorkelling and Training dives.Once you leave the Bay and drop down the rocky reefs you can get about 18meters.The outside of the sheltered bay can become surgy so care should be taken with novice divers on the change of the tide.This area has been a marine reserve for years so all the Delights of False bay can all be seen in one dive.There are quite a few different fish species the obvious are the Roman's,John Brown,the Cape Knife jaw,Zebra's,Streepies and of course the National fish the Galjoen.Three species of shy shark,Gully shark and Soupfin are regularly spotted the juvenile Dusky's put in a rare appearance.
Large orange wall sponges jut out along the walls and thousands of micro organisms create stunning colours along the dive.Gas flame Nudibranchs and the cape dorid are some of the numerous nudibranchs to be seen.
Castle rocks is one of the best shore dives on the Peninsula.

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Nusa Penida

   Indonesia  Bali Sea
Nice divesite, fantastic corals, large schools of fish

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Wild Coast

   South Africa  Indian Ocean
Sardin Run Shou

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Loch Hourn

   United Kingdom  Atlantic
Sheltered Scottish loch - loads of colourful marine life.
Viz can be affected by freshwater runoff.
Typically green water.

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Brother Islands

   Egypt  Red Sea
Great diving, good chanche for sharks and other pelagics.

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Seal reef

   United Kingdom  Atlantic (European coastal)
A great site for U/W photography and has lots of life for more detail look here

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Fairy Bower Manly

Favourite site for an easy relaxing dive. This is a marine reserve so there is plenty of marine life, most of which is used to human interaction. The diversity of species at this site is amazing considering its close proximity to the city and how build up the area is.

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Corsair Fighter, Oahu Hawaii

   United States  Pacific
CORSAIR FIGHTER The U.S.Navy Gull Wing Corsair Fighter (F4U-1A). Lieutenant Holden made a "dead stick landing" in 1945 on a training mission after running out of fuel. He was rescued, leaving behind an "intact" relic with the canopy open, tail hook down, propeller bent, and instruments & gull-wing clearly visible at a depth of 107 feet. This rare piece of history hasn't been salvaged due to its depth and remoteness. The "oasis" of marine life supports an ecosystem of incredible variety, 63 years in the making. Which include fields of garden eels, horned helmet shells nearby, as well as a rare crocodile eel. Large pelagic fish such as barracuda, jacks, or stingray frequent this site for feeding, and herding large balls of bait & reef fish. With a white sand bottom, visibility is usually 100 to 150 feet even on winter days and it's only a 20 minute boat ride from our east side harbor.

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Lighthouse, Perhentian Kecil

   Malaysia  South China Sea
As the name suggests, this site has a small lighthouse on top of a long narrow but shallow reef. The reef itself is quite large and has a variety of habitats. Under the legs of the lighthouse it is only 4 metres to the top of the reef. The coral here is in excellent condition and therefore popular with snorkelers during the day, but it also is the hang out for small shoals of fish and makes an excellent safety stop after the dive. Going West from the lighthouse and dropping off the coral takes you to a whip garden at a depth of 12 to 14 metres and a good spot to find Whip Gobies. Look out for the grumpy Titan Triggerfish that patrols this area. I think it's best to dive this site as a twilight dive as the sun is going down and catch the dramatic light as it shines through the legs of the lighthouse. Lots of Anemonefish and colourful coral here. Sea Temp 29c in May

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Buccaneer's Reef, Cayman Brac

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
Great Dive, the visibility was about 70 feet. The diving on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are, in my opinion, superior to the diving on Grand Cayman

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Isle of Lewis.

   United Kingdom  Atlantic
Weather dependent but potential for fantastic green temperate water diving.
Unspoilt and isolated.

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Shores of Karachi

   Pakistan  Arabian Sea
Shores of Karachi

Korangi creek
This is the only beach in the whole Karachi which is safe to use for water sports round the year. Its protected shallow water, the beautiful surrounding mangroves forest makes it look like a paradise.
During the time of British Empire “Dogs and locals” were not allowed. Ironically still even after the so called independence locals are not allowed to go to the beach yet. In early 90’s the Pakistan Air force spent millions of dollars to set up wind surfing club. One of the hangers was converted into storage facilities for wind surfers, Catamarans and rescue boats. Special slip way (ramp) was constructed for convenient of loading and off loading boats and boards. Since the excess was restricted t Karachites. The club with its all glory did not survive more then couple of years.
DHA Encroachment wall.
This wall is artificially created to grab the land from the nature; this swampy land was nesting ground for migratory birds, and the home for fishing communities. Fisherman’s families were living for centuries had been slowly evicted in order to build a colony for soldiers, large inter tidal area and the sandy beaches had been converted in to prize land for obscene profit making schemes with total disregard for ecology, and environment. Consequently, to day Bunder Island is under the threat of sinking, Gizri Creek entrance had been blocked, not far in future mangroves will pay the ultimate price. Some expert said “that over a period of time, The Landhi and Korangi industrial area could come under the threat of flooding by sea water”.
The second largest marina club was design to provide water sports for karachiits. Unfortunately the major investment of building and operating this club was phenomenal cost. along this DHA marina club there were 40 other plots were designs for general public to built there sea front water sports club. But the position of the plots never handed over to the civilians. Ironically this marina club did not have floating marina.
Clifton Beach
Clifton is the safest beach of Karachi city, the gentile slope takes hundreds of meters before it gets four feet deep, even during the monsoon people can play around safely and have fun.
This beach has blackish soft sand; the Oysters rocks consist of three islands use to be a paradise for scuba divers, the rich fauna and flora around the islands was attractive site for safe diving and bottom fishing... In early fifties and sixties we could see a flourishing colony of Sea horses. Over the period the pollution slowly destroyed the habitats of the marine life, the underwater visibility use to be 30 feet has reduced to 5ft. after the disaster of Tasman Sprit it not safe for scuba diving in this area.

The two sources of the pollutions which brings millions of gallons of polluted water to the Clifton beach are, One from the west, the entrance of Keamari harbor with each out going tide every day. The source is Neher-e- Khayam of Boat Basin pouring millions of gallons of raw sewage every day, which mixes up with the industrial pollutant from Layari River ends up on the Clifton beach and the other source is Gizri creek pouring millions of gallons of industrial pollutant from Landhi, Korangi industrial area, and the Bhance colony, through Malir River, and the Korangi creek.

Manora Island
Manora Island and the connecting road to the sand-pit should have been a pride tourist attraction, earning millions of $ for the city, it is off limit to the civilians the old fishing communities has been systematically genocide. The sandy beaches on the south of the island and the connecting belt one side and on Northern side the forest of lash green Mangroves forest. A pool of biodiversity, had been fenced out for the karachiites

Baba-Bhit & Shamsh-Pir
The two famous and historical Islands who were the backbone of the fishing communities are in wretched condition. The resident of those Island are treated like 2nd class citizens in thei...

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