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The Meeting  eye to eye
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted 13:10 CST Today (within the last hour)
prayer time
By Deniz Muzaffer Gökmen
posted 12:30 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Hippocampus guttulatus
The power of  AURA  from seahorse
By Cumhur Gedikoglu
posted 11:36 CST Today (2 hours ago)
By Tianhong Wang
posted 11:36 CST Today (2 hours ago)
Bubble Shrimp Stuffed with Eggs
By Henley Spiers
posted 11:14 CST Today (2 hours ago)
G H O S T   W R E C K 
Ghost Wreck / Fish Ball
Lang Tengah  KT   Malaysia. May 2016
By Irwin Ang
posted 10:14 CST Today (3 hours ago)

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Brothers Islands

   Egypt  Red Sea
2 Wrecks Numidia and Aida, Sharks

more info about Brothers Islands including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Club vass beach - dahab

   Egypt  Red Sea
good for seahorses!

more info about Club vass beach - dahab including maps, reviews, and ratings...

poalem beach

   India  Andaman Sea
poalem beach

more info about poalem beach including maps, reviews, and ratings...

looe key near big munson island monroe county, florida

   United States  Gulf Of Mexico
Great diving and snorkling. Big reef with many things to see

more info about looe key near big munson island monroe county, florida including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Alma Jane

   Philippines  South China Sea
Sunken steel hull Japanese fishing ship at approximately 30 meters. Lots of life hanging out in the nooks and crannies. Can be difficult current.

more info about Alma Jane including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Philippines  Philippine Sea
Good place with many good photo ops.

more info about Dumaguete including maps, reviews, and ratings...

BioRock, Pemuteran Bay, NW Bali

   Indonesia  Java Sea
In 1998, El Nino killed almost all the coral garden in this bay. Since 2001 a coral reef restoration project started in order to save the corals with the help of the local community. The Biodoversity is amazing, around 75% of all the Acropora species can be found there (for information Acropora is the widest familly of corals). Now the reef has recovered and is again a rich nursery of fishes.

The Biorock project consists of now 52 metallic structures (between 1m to 6m in diameter) which needs a low electrical supply in order to help the corals to grow. This is the third generation of artificial reef. The best results has shown that corals can grow to 6 time faster than in normal conditions ( and is a promising system for the climate change issues for the future.

We have seen different kinds of artificial reef, like the ones made of tires, concrete blocks, reefballs and ecoreef and for us this is the most efficient way to help a coral reef to recover. After 10 years the biggest table coral you can see at this dive site is on one of these strucutres and is around 2.5m in diameter.

more info about BioRock, Pemuteran Bay, NW Bali including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Sandy beach, Oahu

   United States  Pacific
The cliffs off halona blow hole go from cliff to 15 feet to 40 feet to 100 feet. Approximately cliff to 100 feet within 200 feet from shore. Hard to get in and out if any swell is apparent. I saw a Manta ray last time I dove there.

more info about Sandy beach, Oahu including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Atlantis Resort

   Philippines  South China Sea
Clean friendly resort. Excellent dive guides, Macro heaven and the guides know where the critters are.
Good breifings, excellent camera facilities. Computers available for all you digital people. I will go back.

more info about Atlantis Resort including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Under the Rig

   Malaysia  Celebes Sea
This is a shallow muck diving site under the rig behind Mabul Island. It is a good site for muck diving although the higher traffic in the past couple of years (I'm writing this in 2009) has degraded it.

more info about Under the Rig including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Lat-14.009862259642032 Long-34.84942674636841

   Malawi  African Lakes
This is a well known place for seeing Cichlids, small colourful fish that fill Lake Malawi. Snorkelling is all that is required to see alot of the wildlife

more info about Lat-14.009862259642032 Long-34.84942674636841 including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Philippines  Philippine Sea

more info about Domaguete including maps, reviews, and ratings...

The Cut

   Haiti  Caribbean Sea
A small wall dropping to between 12 to 15 meters depth with soft and hard corals growing in grooves perpendicular to the reef.

more info about The Cut including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Tanote Bay, Koh Tao/Thailand

   Thailand  Andaman Sea
Beautiful cove with both snorkeling and diving possibilities. Diving along the shore at 4-6 metres depth allows you to see lots of parrot, seargent majors, angelfish, anemonefish and scorpionfish. About 100 metres from shoreline, past the big boulder in the middle of the bay lies a katamaran wreck with good diversity of underwater wildlife. Several moray eels spotted, pufferfish, batfish, blacktips and nudie's. The blacktips come close to shoreline in the evenings between 5 and 7pm to hunt and feed. But not to fear as it's only juvies between 50-100cm. Snokeling along the north shoreline, passing the next small bay gives you a great oppertunity spotting adult blacktips hunting in the shallows just above a coral graveyard. It's only about 2 metres in depth here but you get a good chance spotting both turtles and giant triggerfishes.

more info about Tanote Bay, Koh Tao/Thailand including maps, reviews, and ratings...

El Kararim

   Egypt  Red Sea
Reef St. Johns

more info about El Kararim including maps, reviews, and ratings...

wadi lahami south

   Egypt  Red Sea
Canon 30D 12-24 tokina Ds 125 strobe ikelite

more info about wadi lahami south including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Roseau Dominica dive site Pointe Guignard

   Dominica  Gulf Of Mexico
The diving in Dominica is fantastic, once you finally make it to the island. Dive Dominica was great. The dive masters are very familuar with the different dive sites. This site, Pointe Guignard was an easy dive. I was swimming along taking photos of many marine creatures when I spotted an open white sandy area at about 55 feet depth and something swimming in circles on the sand. As I approached, I saw that it was 2 critters swimming around each other. I slowly approached and descended to the bottom and laid flat on my belly on the sand. I inched closer and closer until I was about 4 feet from the fish, 2 flying gurnards. They were oblivious to my approach. I was able to get several photos and was trying to move closer when some other divers moved in and the fish abruptly swam away.

more info about Roseau Dominica dive site Pointe Guignard including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Dumaguete, atlantis Dive resort

   Philippines  Bohol Sea
This was the best diving I have done !!!! Just Great I will be going back
Atlantis is very good, Staff is Great, rooms are nice Facilitys is Very Nice, Food was Great
But the diving was the Best, All kinds of Macro life, APO island was Just beautiful with all kinds of hard and soft corals large fish small fish schools of jack, turtles. I will be going back, and it did spoil me for rest of my diving life !!!!

more info about Dumaguete, atlantis Dive resort including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Norway  Norwegian Sea
The pir by the old locations to Nemo Classic Diving

more info about Grimstad including maps, reviews, and ratings...

tanjung karang, palu, central sulawesi

   Indonesia  Celebes Sea
Blenny watching around.

more info about tanjung karang, palu, central sulawesi including maps, reviews, and ratings...

7418 Entries Found: Page 241  of  371

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