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not a dive site

   Denmark  North Sea
limfjorden denmark

more info about not a dive site including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorenightmacrowideanglefilm

macro jetty

try for snoot by night

more info about macro jetty including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatnightsmallairmacro

mackro jetty

   Indonesia  Bali Sea
bali special nort of bali (pemuteran village) is a good place for relax, even also for diving and snorkling from the shore also local site by boat around 5 minut.
about diving is a lot of creature (mackro)

more info about mackro jetty including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorefreshwatersmallairmacro

Natewa Bay

   Fiji  Koro Sea
The largest deep water bay in the South Pacific, largely unexplored. The only dive center servicing Natewa Bay is Ocean Ventures Fiji. Home to spinner dolphins, unique creatures (ghost pipefish, frogfish, etc.) and stunning corals.

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Liliguapi island

   Chile  Chilean Sea
A very diverse place in terms of the underwater landscape. You can find rocks, walls, caves, and shell floors.

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Tiranes Island

   Egypt  Red Sea

more info about Tiranes Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatbigsmallsharksturtlescoralkelpshoalsstingingairnitroxguidedmacrowideangle

Lo Scarpone

   Italy  Tyrrhenian Sea

more info about Lo Scarpone including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallairmacro

La Formica, Casteldaccia, Sicily, Italy

   Italy  Tyrrhenian Sea
La Formica,Casteldaccia,Sicily,Italy

more info about La Formica, Casteldaccia, Sicily, Italy including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatcoralairwideangle

Hampstead river

somewhere in the rainforest

more info about Hampstead river including maps, reviews, and ratings...small

Swansea Heads

   Australia  Tasman Sea
Easy dive. Head out from the head, swim towards the island (Moon island). there will be bomies underwater, which sharks like

more info about Swansea Heads including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresharksdolphinskelpairwideanglefilmpfriendly



more info about Lake including maps, reviews, and ratings...drysuitfreshwatersmallairfriendlymacrowideangle

Mama Hanh, Nha Trang,Vietnam

   Vietnam  South China Sea
Mama Hanh

more info about Mama Hanh, Nha Trang,Vietnam including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallairmacro

Lokcheed L 1011

   Jordan  Red Sea
Lokcheed L 1011 Tri Star

more info about Lokcheed L 1011 including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardturtlescoralshoalsstingingairwideangle

Port Hughes Jetty, South Australia

Good car park, short jetty walk to ladder. Ladder steep but manageable. Good length jetty, Good grasses. Nudi Branchs, Pipe Fish, Blenny's, Excellent growth on pylons. No dive facilities on site. Very good food facilties. Excellent camp grounds.

more info about Port Hughes Jetty, South Australia including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallcoralmacro

Mama Hanh , Nha Trang, Vietnam

   Vietnam  South China Sea
Mama Hanh

more info about Mama Hanh , Nha Trang, Vietnam including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallairmacro

Alor, Indonesia

Alor Island, located

more info about Alor, Indonesia including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorecavewallsmallcoralairmacrowideangle

Rapid Bay Jetty

South Australian dive super site . Macro , wide angle , Leafy Sea Dragons , soft corals and sponges .HMAS Hobart is a couple of Km offshore and is accessible by boat depth 30 m tides pending .

more info about Rapid Bay Jetty including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewrecknightdriftdrysuitbigsmallmacrowideanglefilm

Port Highes Jetty

Macro and wide angle photography site

more info about Port Highes Jetty including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorenightbigsmallmacrowideanglefilmpfriendly

Edithburg jetty

   Australia  Great Australian Bight
Macro super spot in South Australia

more info about Edithburg jetty including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorenightdrysuitsmallairmacrowideanglepfriendly

Clipp Outline

   United States
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8174 Entries Found: Page 3  of  409