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Netherlands Netherlands 
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Dive Sites - Netherlands
  1. Zeelandbrug, Zierikzee, the Netherlands
  2. Kempervennen
  3. Toolenbugse plas, Hoofddorp.
  4. Haarlemmermeerse Bos
  5. Lake Grevelingen
  6. De Grevelingen
  8. De Kabbelaar, wreck"de zeehond"
  9. Swimming Pool
  10. Karpata Reef, Bonaire
  11. Buddy Reef (off Buddy Dive Resort), Bonaire
  12. De Zeelandbrug
  13. De Vuilnisbelt in de Oosterschelde
  14. Goudzwaardweg
  15. Kempervennen - Home of Big Mama
  16. Wemeldinge De Hoek
  17. Maarsseveenseplas
  18. Maarseveenseplassen
  19. Dreischor Gemaal
  20. Waspik, zandput
  21. Sint annaland Nederland
  22. Olympiabad Waalwijk
  23. Dreischor Zeeland
  24. Scharendijke, zeeland the Netherlands
  25. Grote Hegge Thorn
  26. Zuid Langeweg, Grevelingen
  27. Tijningen Plas
  28. Grevelingen - South Holland - Netherlands
  29. Bergse diepsluis, Oosterschelde
  30. Den Osse haven, Grevelingen
  31. Zeelandbrug, Oosterschelde
  32. Bosmolenplas
  33. Grote Hegge
  34. Nionplas Raamsdonksveer
  35. Zuider afwateringskanaal
  36. Beach of Burgh Haamstede
  37. Zandafgraving Drunen
  38. Scharendijke (koepeltje)
  39. Kabbelaar Scharredijken
  40. Grevelingen
  41. Beldert Tiel
  42. bussloo
  43. Putty´s place
  44. Sint Annaland
  45. Zeelandbrug
  46. Nieuwe Kerkweg
  47. Kanaaltje
  48. Scharendijke Grevelingenmeer
  49. Oosterschelde
  50. Anna Jacobapolder
  51. Bersche Diepsluis
  52. Oesterdam
  53. Engelgaarde Ruinerwold
  54. Dreischor
  55. Scharedijke

underwater photos Netherlands
This picture of Cottis perifretum was taken in the Grote Hegge, Thorn. Here is a wreck overgrown
with freshwatermussels. In the nighttime this little fish is searching here for food. Sometimes they seem bored, it looks as if they have to yawn! The Lissotriton vulgaris lives only for breeding in the water. During this time, he warms up at a stone or something else in the neighbourhood of the water. These picture I made on a bicycle road near my house, were I find sometimes 20 on one evening Shrimp
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