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ByteEight bits. The standard unit of binary data storage containing a value between 0 and 255
BurstDue to bottlenecks in image processing and writing to media digital cameras cannot shoot unlimited numbers of images continuously without frame rate penalties. This speed is a product of the cameras' memory buffer, image processing, and storage card.
Burn TimeThe time for which a lamp will operate after starting with a fully charged battery.
Burntools are based on a traditional photographer's technique for regulating exposure on specific areas of a print. Photographers increase the exposure to darken areas on a print (burning).
BuoyancyThe propensity of an object to float (positive buoyancy) or sink (negative buoyancy) or to do neither (neutral buoyancy).
Bulkhead ConnectorAn electrical connector that mounts on a housing.
Bulb(B) exposure mode for making long exposures by keeping the shutter open manually
BufferAn area or block of computer memory used for holding data as it waits to be passed from one process (imaging device, program, display device) to another. When you take a picture on a digital camera it is not written directly to the storage media (digital film) because such operations are slow. Digital cameras employ a buffer to take the image data and queue it.
Buccaneer ConnectorMultipole (multipin) waterproof connector manufactured by Bulgin, with an ingress protection rating of IP68 1 bar (i.e. submersible to a depth of at least 10m, and in practice, a lot more).
Brushes palettelets you select preset brushes and design custom brushes.
brush toolthe brush tool and the pencil tool to let you paint with the current foreground color.
BrightnessThe value assigned to a pixel in the HSB model to define the relative lightness of a pixel
BridgeAdobe’s file browser that ships with Photoshop
BracketingThe technique of making a range of exposures to compensate for metering inaccuracy
BNC connectorBayonet Neill Concelman (named after the designers, Paul Neill and Carl Concelman). Coaxial connector used for video, ethernet, and radio frequency signals.
BMPBMP is the standard Windows bitmap image format on DOS and Windows-compatible computers. This is a file format created by Microsoft. Some BMP images are compressed with RLE-type compression.The Apple Macintosh computer system has a slightly different ‘flavour’ of bitmap.
BlurThe blur filters soften a selection or an image, and are useful for retouching.
blending mode blending mode specified in the options bar controls how pixels in the image are affected by a painting or editing tool.
BleedingBleeding is a degradation of image quality caused by oversaturated pixel sensors and results in 'colors that run'.
Bleedused in printing as a margin of error. The image size exceeds the print size so that there are no borders with full bleed
Black Point Compensationoption controls whether to adjust for differences in black points when converting colors between color spaces. When this option is selected, the full dynamic range of the source space is mapped into the full dynamic range of the destination space.
Bits Per PixelBits per pixel is a measure of tonal rendering capability in digital pictures.
Bits And BytesThere are 8 bits in 1 Byte 1,024 Bytes in 1Kb 1,024Kb in 1Mb
Bitmap imagestechnically called raster images--use a grid of colors known as pixels to represent images.
BitmapBitmap images consist of small squares (known as pixels) to represent images. Bitmap images are the most common electronic medium for photographic images.
Bit depthalso called pixel depth or color depth--measures how much color information is available to display or print each pixel in an image. Greater bit depth (more bits of information per pixel) means more available colors and more accurate color representation in the digital image.
Bilinearfor a medium-quality resampling method.
Bicubic(Smooth) for the slow but more precise resampling method, resulting in the smoothest tonal gradations.
Bevel and EmbossAdds various combinations of highlights and shadows to a layer.
BatchThe command lets you play an action on a folder of files and subfolders. If you have a digital camera or a scanner with a document feeder, you can also import and process multiple images with a single action. Your scanner or digital camera may need an acquire plug-in module that supports actions.
Bas ReliefTransforms an image to appear carved in low relief and lit to accent the surface variations. Dark areas of the image take on the foreground color, light colors use the background color.
Barrel DistortionBarrel Distortion is a problem associated with wideangle lenses whereby the image appears distorted outwards.
BarUnit of pressure in the SI (systeme internationale) metric system to mean 1 atmosphere. 1.01 Bars is 1 atmosphere
backspacing. In order to give continuity camcorders do not start recording at the exact point they were last paused at. They roll back over the last section of action so that no gaps appear.
BackscatterBackscatter is light reflected from suspended particles in the water, a problem in underwater flash photography caused by having the flash too close to the camera lens.
Background NoiseA type of noise often with long exposure manifesting as fixed colored dots. This noise can be removed in a photo editing application by combining the image with the mask of a blank frame, which should have identical stuck pixels.
36 Entries Found