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We are #1 underwater photography site (by a long way), and have been since 1996. We probably have more members and more visitors than the all the other u/w photography sites put together.

So, there is no more targeted an audience to underwater photography than here on

We are the first point of contact for divers entering underwater photography. Newbies don’t have equipment yet - so if you want to target potential buyers we are the place to do it!


U/W photographers are arguably the most affluent diver demographic. The site is popular among a very slightly male biased, more educated, middle aged, fairly wealthy audience. U/W photographers are more inclined to actually go diving, with an average of 3.5 trips each annually. They are more likely to buy highly specified equipment and not be price sensitive, valuing quality over affordability.

What's more...

We also own the #1 underwater video website so, if your company also has an interest in u/w video we can provide a package that combines both websites, at a generous discount!

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