So, you like the idea of underwater photography?

Well, you’ve guessed absolutely right. It is the best sport/hobby/pastime/job EVER and the favorite special interest of scuba divers whilst scuba diving.

Underwater photographers are an elite (but not elitist) group of people who know something that the rest of the world does not. The meaning of Life!

Underwater photographers come from all walks of society. I was once (in fact many times) on liveaboards with a group comprising Ex-Hells Angels, High Court Judges, electricians, and multi-national corporation CEO’s. It was quite amazing to see them all talking as equals, swapping tips about equipment and technique. That's right - anyone (including you) can become an underwater photographer.

If, you’re just looking for some andrenaline rush, forget it. There is an element of hunting that appeals on an instinctive level but underwater photography is not another mindless extreme sport. You have a Plan. There is a long term strategy, precision planning, an objective!

The Zen of the activity is tremendous. Such a broad range of skills are brought to bear. You’re not always successful but that’s not the point. When you are, it has Meaning.

Not all underwater photographers are quite that intense of course, most are just snappers who want to show their non-diver friends exactly what scuba diving is about. It is still a passion to convey the feeling of awe for that still relatively unexplored realm of the Worlds' Seas.

The medium chosen might be video rather than stills for beginners. You may already be a keen land photographer, or not - it doesn't matter. The equipment these days almost guarantees technical success. You can soon be taking great shots. You may even make some money from your efforts one day!

Underwater photography is, like scuba diving generally, not an overly competitive pastime. Underwater Photographers naturally share their views and knowledge. However, if we have a fault, some of us are perhaps an introvert bunch. You can find us glued to computers when we’re not diving or in the remotest places on earth when we are. But I don’t believe we are totally anti-social. Mine's a Bud!

That’s what’s great about this site. We have got that vibe you get when you go diving. Over the years we have provided a place for Underwater Photographers to hang out (when they are not diving). They've shaped us. You too can be part of the largest egalitarian community of Underwater photographers there is. You can visit whenever you like. The welcome mat is out 24/7

Remember: This site was made by Underwater photographers for Underwater photographers. It is their/your views in the forums. It is their/your pictures in the photo contest.

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I stress again, this is your site - help make it even better. Join In

Tal Mor

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