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Juvenile yellow frogfish. Anilao  Philippines. Subal ND500  105mm 12.5 diopter.  D Max strobe snoot.
By Romir Aglugub
posted 15:09 CST Today (within the last hour)
shark time
By Deniz Muzaffer Gökmen
posted 11:40 CST Today (4 hours ago)
Diaulula odonoghuei found in Puget Sound
By Shuo-Wei Chang
posted 10:20 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Diving the Tug Boat Rozi at Cirkewwa Divesite  Malta. Clear water visibility on most days of the year  little currents.
By David Agius
posted 09:55 CST Today (6 hours ago)
Limenandra barnosi  found on rocky slope.
Anilao  Philippines.
Nikkor 60mm
By Dave Morgan
posted 08:50 CST Today (7 hours ago)
Tiger sharks
By Sigitas Sirvydas
posted 08:43 CST Today (7 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Les Gros Islets

Underwater Photo Location: Les Gros Islets

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You can access it by boat yourself to snorkel (there are a couple of white buoys along the Islets) or use any of the many companies St-Barth's offers to scuba dive (that includes day and night dives, one ship wreck).
Facts about Les Gros Islets
Dive types

Marine Life

by Loïc Durand
Taken at Gros-Ilet, in St-Barth's, with an Olympus C-60 Zoom with its Olympus PT-024 casing while snorkelling the 14th of July 2-15.

by Loïc Durand
I am not quite sure what kind of goby it is... If you could comment and tell me, I would greatly appreciate it! Taken at Gros-Islet (St-Barth's), 14th July 2015 with an Olympus C-60 Zoom with its Olympus PT-024 housing.
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