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Elegant nudibranch  Olympus Pen Epl1
By Marivic Maramot
posted 22:59 CST Today (within the last hour)
Follow me  Stiliger in San Miguel  Dauin
By Glenn Carballo
posted 06:45 CST Today (16 hours ago)
Twin brothers.
Two hinge beak shrimps at Silver Reef divesite  Dauin  Negros Oriental  Philippines.
Nikon D750  Nikkor 105mm  ISO 200  f/22  1/125  Easydive Leo3 housing  2 Ikelite strobes.
By Margriet Tilstra
posted 01:17 CST Today (21 hours ago)
Shrimp Goby 
Olympus Pen Epl
By Marivic Maramot
posted Yesterday
Playing with light effects into Bue Marino cave  Sardinia  Italy
By Stella Del Curto
posted Yesterday
Small wreck near Captains Don s habitat. But with a lot of marine life.
By Brenda De Vries
posted Yesterday

Underwater Photo Location: A little Pond in Austria Styria

Underwater Photo Location: A little Pond in Austria Styria

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Diving in unvisibibyliti little pond with my Nikon D7000 ( very good camera for painting ) and Seacam Housing one Seaflash 100 60mm Nikor 1/125s f/22 ISO 160 1 Flash
Facts about A little Pond in Austria Styria
  • It is in Austria
  • The typical depth is 0-10 Metres 0-30 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 0-3 Metres 0-10 Feet.
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by Florian Feldgrill
Meduse Freshwater, Craspedacusta sowerbii[, this Macro Image was taken in a little Pond inAustria Styria, the model was still swimming and it was very hard with 60mm nikor....

by Florian Feldgrill
Courios Bombina variegata 2cm, close near the Secam Planport. This Pic was taken in a unknown lake near my home.
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