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By James Magsino
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By Marivic Maramot
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Muraena augusti  black moray .  f/8  1/80  ISO 200  42mm .   Els
By E&e Lp
posted 00:51 CST Today (16 hours ago)
HIPPOCAMPE H riss    hippocampus histrix 
Nosy be 2022
By Didier Pasquini
posted Tuesday, November 28, 2023
B   W Tiger Shark @ Tiger Beach  Bahamas.
By Steve Kathrein
posted Yesterday
Coryphellina rubrolineata_2023
 Canon100 1/250 f16 iso100
By Antonio Venturelli
posted Yesterday

Underwater Photo Location: Similan Islands - Koh Similan

Underwater Photo Location: Similan Islands - Koh Similan

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Facts about Similan Islands - Koh Similan
  • It is in Thailand
  • Similan Islands - Koh Similan is in the Andaman Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-30 Metres 0-100 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.
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by Alberto D'este
Gostpiper Fish in Similan Islands

by Julie Rieu
Oops - Did somebody lose something?!

by Jessica Frank
Sunset diving in the middle of the Andaman Sea.

by Mauro Serafini
Underwater Similan

by Johan Van Der Windt
Anemone Crab taken on Similan Island #4. Using Canon Ixus 75.

by Adriano Trapani
another successful snorkeling session in Donald Duck Bay (Island 8 Similan National Park)

by Adriano Trapani
abstract shot of coral and polips...

by Adriano Trapani
a very VAIN turtle and a big camera PAPARAZZO!

by Adriano Trapani
I love this turtle! it is such a natural subject for anyone's pix!

by Kliment Kolosov
Rare colorful nightshot

by Adriano Trapani
even a diver against a sunburst looks much much "cooler"...

by Stuart Ganz
Little blenny.

by Olan Kamdee
I dived 36 metres depth at East of Eden, The eastern side of island number 7, Similan Marine national Park. I never see it before in Similan. It is very small, just 1.5 cms I had only 7 minutes for this shots. Its was too deep.

by Adriano Trapani
batfish on top of the Atlantis X wreck in Beacon Reef Island 8 Similan National Park - Thailand

by Adriano Trapani
it all started with the fact that the bat fish silhouette looked like an ace of spades, then I started looking for someone holding a poker card... it all ended up this way ;-)

by Adriano Trapani
time for a sunset dive in Similan!

by Adriano Trapani
to get so close to this Giant Barracuda, I had to swim slowly, steadly and hold my breath for quite a while...

by Adriano Trapani

by Adriano Trapani
No, I'm NOT Nemo and I can assure you: I don't need to be found! Just leave me alone!

by Adriano Trapani
this is what happens when I start missing diving and spend few hours playing with my pictures...

by Adriano Trapani
robust sea squirt, Island 9 reef Similan national park

by Adriano Trapani
another breathtaking sunset in Similan...

by Adriano Trapani
I just love them when they do their "water-filtering-dance"...

by Adriano Trapani
the "usual" green turtle hanging around the back of our boat in Donald Duck Bay (island 8 - Similan National Park - Thailand)

by Adriano Trapani
Trumpet fish coming out of a bush of soft coral in Beacon Reef (Island 8 Similan National Park)

by Adriano Trapani
one of my favorite subjects!

by Adriano Trapani
banded sea snake, so fascinating!

by Adriano Trapani
F 8, 1/500 internal flash - even in day time with plenty of sunlight (snorkeling!) you can get "nightdive" results ;-)

by Adriano Trapani
gobi on egg cowrie in "West of Eden" Island 7 Similan National Park

by Adriano Trapani
trying to make the orange spearer interact with its reflection in a pocket mirror, yet it wasn't interested at all...

by Adriano Trapani
Western Clown Fish guarding its eggs at the bottom of the anemone (Beacon Reef, Island 8 - Similan National Park)

by Patrick Neumann
sunset @ the old pier/Koh Chang

by Tina Malmgren
Alternative cleaning

by Adriano Trapani
christmas tree worm in Anita's reef - Island 5/6 Similan National Park - THAILAND

by Patrick Neumann
leppard shark

by Stuart Ganz
Purple Fire Goby

by Stuart Ganz
Clown in a red anemone

by Stuart Ganz
Mantis shrimp

by Stuart Ganz
Clown Fish

by Stefan Follows
Move over Rover ... Green Turltle - Chelonia mydas. Koh Similan, Thailand. Canon G10-f4-1/100-iso100

by Helen Hansen

by Helen Hansen
Sea horse sitting relaxing at 28 meters

by Helen Hansen
A night dive , just love pufferfish when they are sleeping
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