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The Gate keepers. Sandy anemones occur also in gullies and collect passing food with their sticky tentactles. Sand also sticks to its tentacles therefore the name sandy anemones
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted Yesterday
Spiral of Life. The fan of the Red fan worm demonstrated the Fibonacci sequence.
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted (2 days ago)
Lionfish on the house reef at Marsa Shagra.
By Shannon Moran
posted (2 days ago)
centolla crab. canon 60D  canon 60mm lens  two ikelite subtrobe seacam houisng.gardens of the queen.cuba
By Noel Lopez
posted (2 days ago)
Manta Rays in the blue of Indian Ocean
By Oksana Maksymova
posted (3 days ago)
Little and large  taken under government permit
By Arun Madisetti
posted (3 days ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Pellaro, Reggio Calabria

Underwater Photo Location: Pellaro, Reggio Calabria

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Pellaro, Reggio Calabria,Italy
Facts about Pellaro, Reggio Calabria
  • It is in Italy
  • Pellaro, Reggio Calabria is in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-50 Metres 0-160 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.

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by Antonio Venturelli
Spirograph ( Sabella Spallanzani) phographed in the sea of Pellaro-Reggio Calabria, Italy (Canon macro 60 mm,1/200,f/20,iso400)

by Antonio Venturelli
Calcinus tubularis( Paguro tubicolo)close up -Pellaro-Calabria ( Canon macro 60 mm, 1/200,f/20,iso200)
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