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- 2017 UnderwaterPhotography.com Awards -

Another competition has ended with an impressive 6,376 entries out of which 1177 became hotshots that we consider the first round of judging to the annual competition. We are so proud to be having a constant flow of new talent coming in. Our goal is and always have been to promote young talent and give them a stage to show off their photos and launch a career as underwater photographers.

Thank you to all the contestants and judges, Winners will be released to the press later in March.

+ 2017 World Champion - Filip Staes +

Filip joined underwaterphotography.com only in March 2017, but has been taking photos underwater for over 20 years. In a short amount of time, Filip entered over 400 breathtaking photos to the contest, shining bright in nearly every category throughout the contest and demonstrating mastery in numerous photography techniques.
Within less than a year, his entries received almost 8000 votes in total.

Filip was voted unanimously as this year's World Champion and we couldn't agree more!

Filip Staes

I started diving in 1992 and photography became a part of my life around 1997. I made my first underwaterphotos in Sharm El Sheikh with a rented Nikonos. In 2000 I began competing in underwater photography contests. After 25 years in the water I'm still addicted to the underwaterworld. I photograph with a Nikon D7100 in a Hugyfot housing. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I do ;-)

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  Compass jellyfishChrysaora hysoscella Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands
  Small snakelocks anemone Sagartiogeton undatuscaptured Sea gooseberry Pleurobrachia pileus while Moon jellyfish Aurelia auritais passing by. Double exposure camera. by camera
  Mermaid Celine TODI Belgium
  Barrel jellyfish Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands
  Cardinalfish Puerto Galera Philippines. Philippines
  Cuttlefish Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands

Final Round Entries

These are the entries that reached the final round of judging

  Goniodoris castanea double exposure inside camera Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands
  Freshwater jungle Pond Ekeren Belgium model Marlne Terpstra
  Looking jellyfish Lake Grevelingen Zeeland Netherlands. Double exposure inside camera. Netherlands camera
  Water lilies Turnhout Belgium. Belgium
  Barrel jellyfish Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands
  Water lilies Snells window Belgium. Belgium
  Waterlilies summer Turnhout Belgium. Belgium
  Tweety Put van Ekeren Belgium. Belgium
  Peppered moray Siderea grise Dahab Egypt. Egypt
  Common jellyfish Aurelia aurita Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands
  Cuttlefish Zeeland Netherlands. Netherlands
  Under boat Dahab Red sea. sea
  Reflection waterlily Turnhout Belgium
  Close encounter shrimp. Zeeland Netherlands. shrimp Netherlands
  Cleaning time
  Bigeye amphipod Hyperia galba living inside Common jellyfish Aurelia aurita Big-eye Big eye
  Barrel jellyfish swimming towards sun. sun

Grand Master - Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

Susannah is a prominent member of our community, consistently submitting beautiful photos from her home base at the Cayman Islands.
With over 250 entries across multiple categories, Susannah never ceases to amaze, capturing the beauty of the ocean with strong compositions and striking clarity.
Her variety of shots ranging from macro to wide angle is what makes her a perfect choice for this year's Grand Master.

Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

Hi, I'm Susannah H. Snowden-Smith. I'm an underwater photographer who specializes in underwater fine art & underwater archaeology photography. I've been shooting underwater for over eight years and my work has taken me around the world. Recently I was underwater in Sri Lanka photographing the excavation of the oldest-known shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, circa 2nd-Century BC, with the Institute Of Nautical Archaeology. My home base between assignments is Grand Cayman.

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  USSKittiwake one my favorite dives. Every time descend variety light sealife conditions... inspire photo USS-Kittiwake USS Kittiwake dives conditions
  Wreck Doc Polson.If you look closely see divers exploring wreck. Polson. Polson
  Kittiwake beckons
  Amazing day Stingray SandbarChanged bottom bw thats real sunrise reflection
  Flight SchoolSandbar stingrays Grand Cayman

Final Round Entries

These are the entries that reached the final round of judging

  Sweet MomentA manatee calf looks camera another one nurses mom. Photographed Three Sisters Spring Crystal River Tuesday. mom Tuesday
  AfterThe USS Kittiwake was moved dramatically Hurricane Nate
  Silversides are reflected divers mask he watches huge swirl tiny fish. fish
  Squid Sky 1Two surface clouds above them. spent 12 hrs them until they warmed me enough so could photograph beneath above. 1/2
  Manatee SunbeamsA swims under sunbeams just after sunrise. sunrise

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