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Shaab Rumi - Sudan

   Sudan  Red Sea
Soft coral & glass fish in Shaab Rumi.

more info about Shaab Rumi - Sudan including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardwreckcavewallnightbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairrepairsinstructionguidedmacrowideanglefilminstruction

Dugongo place - Marsa Alam

   Egypt  Red Sea
Is a good dive site, you can see a chitar shark, turtle and dugongo.

more info about Dugongo place - Marsa Alam including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckcavewallnightbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairsinstructionguidedmacrowideanglerepairsinstruction


   Netherlands Antilles  Caribbean Sea
Fantastic place for diving. Great diving fantastic weather but wow you can bankrupt a third world country at one restraurant. Clear warm water, 22 inches of rainfall a year and a constant breeze

more info about Bonaire including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewrecknightbigsmallturtlescoralkelpairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleprocessingpfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction

St Abbs, marine reserve, Berwickshire

   United Kingdom  North Sea
spectacular marine life and rock formations easy shore dives.boat diving available.

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El Malakoff

   Spain  Balearic Sea
Fantastic wreck which went down in 1929. 100 metre cargo ship. Sits between 29 and 42 metres depth. Full of life, barracuda, grouper, jacks, morays, lobster, scorpionfish on steroids! Loads of macro too!

get there with Sea Gypsy Divers

more info about El Malakoff including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwrecksmallstingingairnitroxmacrowideangle

Talima Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

   Philippines  Visayan Sea
an excellent dive site, where, diverse fish species abound. Can be reached in just a 15 minute boat ride from mainland of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, where an international airport is located.

more info about Talima Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckwallbigsmallturtlesairnitroxmacrowideangle

Palancar reef-Cozumel

   Mexico  Caribbean Sea
If you have some experience and quick thinking, even if your strobe fails and dont work, you can switch to natural light and got some interesting silouettes like this, specially if you are diving in very clear water as we have in the island of Cozumel.See you in the Sea.

more info about Palancar reef-Cozumel including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatshorewreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralkelpshoalsstingingairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleprocessingfilmpfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction

Jetty Atlantis resort

   Philippines  Philippine Sea
Is good for macro photos

more info about Jetty Atlantis resort including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckwallnightsmallturtlescoralairnitroxrepairsinstructionguidedmacrowideanglefilm

River Gurara wreck

   Portugal  Atlantic (European coastal)
Large shipwreck betyween 20 and 30m deep. The River Gurara sunk in 1987.

more info about River Gurara wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...wrecknightdrysuitbigsmallshoalsairnitroxinstructionguidedmacrowideangle


Japanese Sea - subtropique

more info about Gamov including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckcavewallnightdriftdrysuitbigsmallsharksdolphinsstingingairmacrowideangle

Jetty - Derawan

   Malaysia  South China Sea
Jetty in Derawan Island is one of the best dive site in the world.

more info about Jetty - Derawan including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckcavewallnightbigsmallsharksturtlescoralairrepairsinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglefilm

Dons Reef

   Papua New Guinea  Solomon Sea
One of the dozen or so off shore reefs that are located in the Tufi area. Each reef has an amazing array of critters small and large.

more info about Dons Reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendly

Similand Island's

   Thailand  South China Sea
Similand Island's

more info about Similand Island's including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardwreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairsinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglefilm

Ribbon Eel Gardens

   Papua New Guinea  Solomon Sea
A beautiful location in the mouth of the fiord. Lots of critters to be found including the Blue Ribbon Eel and black juvenile Ribbon Eels.

more info about Ribbon Eel Gardens including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightdriftbigsmallwhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairhireinstructionguided

Pastorita's street

   Cuba  Caribbean Sea
Many Many pastoritas

more info about Pastorita's street including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckcavebigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralkelpshoalsstingingairinstructionguidedmacrowideangle

Kho Dok May

   Thailand  Andaman Sea

more info about Kho Dok May including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharksturtlescoralstingingairnitroxmacrowideangle

Bevs Reef

   Papua New Guinea  Solomon Sea
One of the many reefs that sit off shore form Tufi Dive Resort that is a haven for macro and super macro.

more info about Bevs Reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralshoalsairhireinstructionguidedfriendly

Numidia, Big Brother

   Egypt  Red Sea
Great 100 year old wreck on the north west point of Big Brother Island, Egypt.

more info about Numidia, Big Brother including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardwreckwalldriftbigsmallsharkscoralairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyphireinstruction

Tufi Wharf

   Papua New Guinea  Solomon Sea
Tufi's Wharf is a great place for macro and super macro photography. So many different critters to take images of that I dont know where to start. I can assure you that you will get images of all the most popular critters that you have come to this part of the world to see and capture with your camera

more imagess can be seen at website

more info about Tufi Wharf including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairhireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangle

minard islands (loch fyne)

   United Kingdom  Atlantic (European coastal)
Loch Fyne is a great place to dive all year round and whatever you prefer your type of diving will be found here. Air fills can be found at Inveraray caravan park this is air only if you need a mix, Tarbert is the place you will need to go to. There is a slipway at the caravan park that can be used what ever state the tide is.
There is also a cafe on site that is very friendly and worth a visit while waiting for fills. Basically all along the Loch can be dived.Once stayed in a b&b at Furnace and instead of driving to the area that was intended to be dived we just walked to the bottom of the garden and went in there, two great dives had by all.I must add that although l have stated depth at 30 meter`s there are places where this Loch exceeds well over a hundred meters if you are thinking of diving the loch please ask a local for advice, if you are not sure you can buy a map of the Loch indicating depths. I am happy at 30 meters and always find plenty to see at between 5 to 30 meters so l am sure that will cater for most divers.

more info about minard islands (loch fyne) including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckcavewallnightdrysuitbigsmallkelpshoalsairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleprocessingfilmpfriendly
938 Entries Found: Page 44  of  47