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1000 steps Bonaire

   Venezuela  Caribbean Sea
Marcelo Lunardi Ferronato Photography. Sony RX 100 II, inon wide angle

more info about 1000 steps Bonaire including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorecoralnitroxwideangle

Batu niti

   Indonesia  Bali Sea
Taken with canon S120

more info about Batu niti including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallnitroxmacro

Hol Chan Marine Park San Pedro

   Belize  Gulf Of Mexico
Great Place to dive in Hol Chan Marine Park

more info about Hol Chan Marine Park San Pedro including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairshireinstructionmacrowideanglepfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction

Craters edge

   Dominica  Caribbean Sea
The last dive-able part of the volcanic crater, extends out to sea from 5m, 1.5km deep on on side, 4km in the channel.

more info about Craters edge including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatbigsmallturtlescoralshoalsairnitroxhireguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyinstruction

Kwanji Tulamben Bali

   Indonesia  Bali Sea
Taken with canon S120

more info about Kwanji Tulamben Bali including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallnitroxmacro

Three trees at Island 9 Similan Islands,

   Thailand  Andaman Sea
much damage from bleaching incidents in the past in the top 10m/30ft of reef. Beautiful corals and nice fishlife generally. Can be crowded depending on time of the season and boat that you are diving from.

more info about Three trees at Island 9 Similan Islands, including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatnightbigsmallturtlesairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleinstruction

Cancun. Angelita

This cenote was a very special one, the light was going from blue to green. about 30 meters we came to a 2 meter layer of hydrogen sulphide that created a surreal atmosphere. When ı saw the diver between the branches of the tree ı wanted to keep this magical moment.

more info about Cancun. Angelita including maps, reviews, and ratings...freshwaternitroxwideangle

Summerisland Housereef

   Maldives  Indian Ocean
Not an natural coral reef , but done with love and very beautiful

more info about Summerisland Housereef including maps, reviews, and ratings...smallairnitroxmacrowideangle

Cabilao Island, Chapel Point

   Philippines  Visayan Sea

more info about Cabilao Island, Chapel Point including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewallsmallairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangle

Cabilao, Pangangan Wall

   Philippines  Visayan Sea
SeaExplorer dive base provides a perfect service

more info about Cabilao, Pangangan Wall including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangle

underwater volcano, Weh island

   Indonesia  Andaman Sea
very shallow dive, close to underwater volcano, warm water due to thermal activity

more info about underwater volcano, Weh island including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallcoralstingingairnitroxhireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendly

North of Komodo

   Indonesia  Flores Sea

more info about North of Komodo including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardbignitroxmacrowideangle

Cabilao, Gorgonian Wall

   Philippines  Visayan Sea
Sea Explorers

more info about Cabilao, Gorgonian Wall including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallcoralairnitroxguidedfriendlymacro

Pascal Wall

   Canada  Atlantic (North American coastal)
Only for expert, 40 feet of fresh water on top, water temp between 0 and 4 degres C drysuit is necessary many courant

more info about Pascal Wall including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwallnightdriftdrysuitsmallairnitroxmacro

Ammo jetty, woodman point.

   Australia  Indian Ocean
Full of life, low to moderate visibility. Good dive in terms of Perth jetty dives.

more info about Ammo jetty, woodman point. including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorenightbigsmallsharkscoralkelpshoalsstingingairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangle

Tulamben. Bali

Shower with Spectrum

more info about Tulamben. Bali including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallnitroxmacro

Cap l'abeille- Banyuls/mer

   France  Mediterranean Sea
Night diving in the marine reserve of Banyuls

more info about Cap l'abeille- Banyuls/mer including maps, reviews, and ratings...nightbigsmalldolphinsairnitroxmacrowideangleprocessing

Triton Diving

   Croatia  Adriatic Sea
Home bay of Triton Diving. Best diving support on Istria.

more info about Triton Diving including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckcavewalldriftdrysuitsmallairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleprocessingfilmpfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction

Bauan Divers Sanctuary Resort

   Philippines  East China Sea
Unlimited shore dives. excellent facilities, friendly and accommodating staff,not crowded.

more info about Bauan Divers Sanctuary Resort including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewallnightsharksturtlescoralairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleprocessingpfriendlyinstruction


   Portugal  Atlantic

more info about Tintureira including maps, reviews, and ratings...bigsharksnitroxwideangle
2460 Entries Found: Page 10  of  123