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Napoleon snake eel  Lembeh
By Mathieu Foulquié
posted 05:58 CST Today (within the last hour)
Blue ringed octopus   Dauin  Philippines
By Daniel Geary
posted 04:31 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Fish swarm inside a wreck in egypt
By Andreas Kutsch
posted 02:08 CST Today (3 hours ago)
In my kayak again and having a lovely day in a Swedish river by the sea.
By Jessica Sjödin
posted 00:39 CST Today (5 hours ago)
 First to the Scene 
The Silversides have been sporadic so far this year  but it never fails Tarpon are the first to know about it.
By Chase Darnell
posted Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Grateful for the warm sunshine  the 38F water temp and the long  deep  dark tunnels of this mine are taxing on any diver. Canon 6D and 15mm lens. Cropped for subject and colour corrected in PS.
By Michael Grebler
posted Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Open Ocean

   Bahamas  Atlantic (North American coastal)
Freediving in the open Atlantic Ocean (The Bahamas) with Bottlenose and Spotted Dolphins. I was on the Shearwater Liveaboard with Jim Abernathy and crew.

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Cala Portinatx

   Spain  Balearic Sea
Beautiful cliff from 0 to 42meters, full of holes where you can see thousand of fluttering anthias, mediterranean beard fish, groupers,spiny lobsters … and why not a sun fish ;)

more info about Cala Portinatx including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Wreck if Togo

   France  Mediterranean Sea
Amazing wreck with lot of fishes and purple giant sea fans. Unfortunately I've got trouble with strobe this time, so only this photo with natural light is ok. I will back… It's an hard dive, depth between 48 to 55 meters depth.

more info about Wreck if Togo including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Cave Lucice, Brac

   Croatia  Adriatic Sea
Great dive site, close to the shore but shore entry is nearly impossible. Definitely get a boat or a guide if you can. The cave is very nice with two large openings at about 3-4m, which makes it a good site for freedivers too.

more info about Cave Lucice, Brac including maps, reviews, and ratings...

USS Schurz

   United States  Atlantic (North American coastal)
Great for large marine life, including sand tiger sharks, barracuda, and southern sting rays.

more info about USS Schurz including maps, reviews, and ratings...

La Gabinière

   France  Mediterranean Sea
La Gabinière, famous cleaning station if you want to see sun fishes and bigs groupers. This island is inside the marine reserve of Port Cros, very famous also for her mythics wrecks of the end of the second war as the DONATOR, and SAGONA.

more info about La Gabinière including maps, reviews, and ratings...

grand cayman kittiwake

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
dean reid pointed these little guys out to me on grand caymans 3yr old wreck the ex use kittiwake

more info about grand cayman kittiwake including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Caramull rock or Saint Peter's rock

   Spain  Balearic Sea
Caramull is a dive place also surnamed Saint Peter's rock because you are sure to cross this fish (we see 4 during the dive, all big, more than 1kilogramme). The dive started at 42m ( you dive in the blue) and the sand is around 64 meters depth), only for very good divers.

more info about Caramull rock or Saint Peter's rock including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Punta Portinatx

   Spain  Balearic Sea
The place is full of canyons and arches.

more info about Punta Portinatx including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Lady Elliott Island

   Australia  Pacific
Excellent dive site at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

more info about Lady Elliott Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...

PiIllar Coral reef

   United States  Atlantic (North American coastal)
Pillar Coral reef

more info about PiIllar Coral reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Warrorah Station

I love this spot sheerly for free diving. We normally camp here and take a few small boats which we use to free dive the outer reef. On this occasion I was on the inside reef observing the beautiful North West sunset amongst the breaking surf, a tricky but rewarding shot!

more info about Warrorah Station including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Marsa Alam, Red Sea

   Egypt  Red Sea
A picture of a free swimming flat worm (thysanozoon flavomaculatum); taken in 2009 in Egypt, Red Sea.

more info about Marsa Alam, Red Sea including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Ari Atool

   Maldives  Arabian Sea
Night dive

more info about Ari Atool including maps, reviews, and ratings...

HaYai inland

Hayai Inland stay in south of Thailand.

more info about HaYai inland including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Banilad Marine Sanctuary

Located 5 minutes from the heart of the city

more info about Banilad Marine Sanctuary including maps, reviews, and ratings...

split rock north wall

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
dude come dive with us and we will look after you guys and girls

more info about split rock north wall including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Split Rock, Cayman Island

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
Boat Dive of the East End Wall

more info about Split Rock, Cayman Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...

north wall grand cayman

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
boat dive on the north wall

more info about north wall grand cayman including maps, reviews, and ratings...

West-Nothern cap

   Russia  Barents Sea
Rocky cap with Steller sea lions, Northern fur seal and Antur seal (Phoca vitulina stejnegeri)
A lot of birds.

more info about West-Nothern cap including maps, reviews, and ratings...

2439 Entries Found: Page 11  of  122

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