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French Polynesia

   French Polynesia  Pacific
Safety stop ring bubble

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Makadi Bay South, Egypt

   Egypt  Red Sea
One of the best Hurghada-neightbour dive sites.

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North West Pont

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
The west side of Cayman is great. It's quite well dived but there's loads to see. Don Fosters are my operator of choice. People say the North wall is better and it is great - but for me, dives on the West always result in great enjoyment.

The deep dive is usually to 100ft. and then the following shallow usually to 50. It's usual to see more life on the shallow dive but the deeper dive results in more spectacular stuff as far as I am concerned.

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Buccaneer's Reef, Cayman Brac

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
Great Dive, the visibility was about 70 feet. The diving on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are, in my opinion, superior to the diving on Grand Cayman

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Moorea, French Polynesia

   French Polynesia  Pacific
Canon G9, Ikelite housing no strobe

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Shores of Karachi

   Pakistan  Arabian Sea
Shores of Karachi

Korangi creek
This is the only beach in the whole Karachi which is safe to use for water sports round the year. Its protected shallow water, the beautiful surrounding mangroves forest makes it look like a paradise.
During the time of British Empire “Dogs and locals” were not allowed. Ironically still even after the so called independence locals are not allowed to go to the beach yet. In early 90’s the Pakistan Air force spent millions of dollars to set up wind surfing club. One of the hangers was converted into storage facilities for wind surfers, Catamarans and rescue boats. Special slip way (ramp) was constructed for convenient of loading and off loading boats and boards. Since the excess was restricted t Karachites. The club with its all glory did not survive more then couple of years.
DHA Encroachment wall.
This wall is artificially created to grab the land from the nature; this swampy land was nesting ground for migratory birds, and the home for fishing communities. Fisherman’s families were living for centuries had been slowly evicted in order to build a colony for soldiers, large inter tidal area and the sandy beaches had been converted in to prize land for obscene profit making schemes with total disregard for ecology, and environment. Consequently, to day Bunder Island is under the threat of sinking, Gizri Creek entrance had been blocked, not far in future mangroves will pay the ultimate price. Some expert said “that over a period of time, The Landhi and Korangi industrial area could come under the threat of flooding by sea water”.
The second largest marina club was design to provide water sports for karachiits. Unfortunately the major investment of building and operating this club was phenomenal cost. along this DHA marina club there were 40 other plots were designs for general public to built there sea front water sports club. But the position of the plots never handed over to the civilians. Ironically this marina club did not have floating marina.
Clifton Beach
Clifton is the safest beach of Karachi city, the gentile slope takes hundreds of meters before it gets four feet deep, even during the monsoon people can play around safely and have fun.
This beach has blackish soft sand; the Oysters rocks consist of three islands use to be a paradise for scuba divers, the rich fauna and flora around the islands was attractive site for safe diving and bottom fishing... In early fifties and sixties we could see a flourishing colony of Sea horses. Over the period the pollution slowly destroyed the habitats of the marine life, the underwater visibility use to be 30 feet has reduced to 5ft. after the disaster of Tasman Sprit it not safe for scuba diving in this area.

The two sources of the pollutions which brings millions of gallons of polluted water to the Clifton beach are, One from the west, the entrance of Keamari harbor with each out going tide every day. The source is Neher-e- Khayam of Boat Basin pouring millions of gallons of raw sewage every day, which mixes up with the industrial pollutant from Layari River ends up on the Clifton beach and the other source is Gizri creek pouring millions of gallons of industrial pollutant from Landhi, Korangi industrial area, and the Bhance colony, through Malir River, and the Korangi creek.

Manora Island
Manora Island and the connecting road to the sand-pit should have been a pride tourist attraction, earning millions of $ for the city, it is off limit to the civilians the old fishing communities has been systematically genocide. The sandy beaches on the south of the island and the connecting belt one side and on Northern side the forest of lash green Mangroves forest. A pool of biodiversity, had been fenced out for the karachiites

Baba-Bhit & Shamsh-Pir
The two famous and historical Islands who were the backbone of the fishing communities are in wretched condition. The resident of those Island are treated like 2nd class citizens in thei...

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   Pakistan  Arabian Sea
KARACHI, Nov 19: The Pakistan government should declare the Astola Island a marine national park and take urgent steps to conserve what is left of this precious natural resource having a great ecological and economical value.

The co-director of Marine Conservation International, Edinburgh, Scotland and DelPHE coordinator Pakistan, Dr Rupert Ormond, made this point at a seminar, Marine biodiversity conservation: a key to the human livelihood, organised by the Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology, Karachi University, in collaboration with the British Council, Karachi, on Monday.

The seminar marked the launch of a DelPHE project, designed to enhance the capacity of participating institutions from Pakistan and Bangladesh to asses, monitor and manage biodiversity for conservation and develop eco-friendly aquaculture and fisheries technology by utilising the UK expertise. The project is funded by the Department for International Development, the UK.

Narrating his account of the hard corals and reef fish assemblage in Pakistan, Dr Ormond said older scientific literature usually showed no existence of coral or coral reefs in Pakistani waters, though these were abundantly found in the adjacent areas like the Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat, India and Oman.

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   Pakistan  Arabian Sea
Karachi Scuba Diving Center (KSDC)

Established in 1989 by Yousuf Ali
Master Instructor from
KSDC Provides a complete range of instructions through training programs with information, advice and assistance
With an objective of promoting Swimming, lifesaving, Scuba Diving, skin diving and other water sports
• Jiwani
o Exploring the fossilize coral reef on the top of the Plato 200meters above the sea level, a total of 30 different species of the corals were found
o Observed the rehabilitation of the mangroves in the Delta of Dasht River supervised by IUCN Jiwani station.
o The three high cliff turtle’s beaches protected by WWF-Pakistan, last year only they have released. Over 100,000. Baby turtles in to the sea.
o Survey the underwater cost of Jiwani hopping to sea some sort of coral formation but to our surprise, no concentration of corals were found under the sea near (Jiwani harbor, turtle beaches, Turtle watching cliff in the east of Jiwani) but lot of sponges, burgundies, ferns and fans, soft corals some hard corals but small patches grown under the rocks where they were protected by the harsh monsoon weather condition.
• Astola Island
The island is situated in the northern Arabian Sea, approximately 25 kilometers off the mainland coast, 40 kilometers East-Southeast of Pasni Harbor, in Balochistan province.
Geographical coordinates: 25°07'N, 63°52'E
Length approximately 6 kilometers
Width approximately 500 meters
Altitude: (average and/or max. & min.) 0 - 200 m
The island is subject to strong wave attack during the southwest monsoons, when wave height exceeds 3.5 meters. The coastline therefore suffers from severe erosion and most of the littoral material is lost to the sea.
The island supports some rare and vulnerable species of animals such as endanger species Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and quite possibly critically endanger species Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbracata)
The site is of special value for maintaining the genetic and ecological diversity of the area. The beauty of Astola is that several different ecosystems can be seen on the island. The ecosystems and the plants and animals found there are no longer common elsewhere in Pakistan.
The gorgeous under water world is amazing different forms of cnidarians, Molluscs, Worms, Fishes, Echinoderms, Crustaceans, and other Vertebrates and invertebrates were found in abundance.

Coral reefs are a vital natural resource found in tropical waters throughout the world (Spalding et al. 2001). They are important not only to adjacent coastal communities, where they are often a source of livelihood, but also to national and international communities, where they contribute in various ways to oceanic production and deliver other significant benefits related to their role in tourism, recreation and coastal protection, and as indicators for climate change and waste treatment,. As more research findings indicate that the species richness and biodiversity contained in reef ecosystems may not regenerate once destroyed, the conservation of coral reefs has become a major concern, people dependent on coral reefs are some of the most vulnerable groups in many coastal and island communities, because reef and reef-based resources are often their primary means of food production, source of income and livelihood

The Plant and Animals of Karachi Coast

Slugs and Snails without Shell
Sear hares

Fan worm
Peanut worm
Acorn worm



Sea Stars
Sea Cucumbers
Sand Dollars
Sea Urchins
Brittle Star

Other Invertebrates
Horseshoe crab

Sea Pens
Hermit crab
Mantis shrimp
Sea slaters

Tsunami 2004

As ...

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Cemetary Wall, Cayman Brac

   Cayman islands  Caribbean Sea
A good wall dive, not as good and bloody bay but a good wall dive nonetheless.

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Tiran Island, South Lagoon

   Egypt  Red Sea
Dive operation was from Israel. The guides were great and the dive visibility fantastic.

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Black Rock, Mergui Archipelago

   Myanmar (Burma)  Andaman Sea
Black rock is a barren piece of rock about 80m long by 7m wide, isolated in the middle of the Mergui Archipelago about 60miles from the mainland. The site draws in some big fish like the Whale shark, Manta ray, Bull sharks, Jenkins ray's, Bloteched fantail ray's, as well as they usual Indian Ocean tropical reef fish. Black rock is also a great spot for macro and you can find Seahorses, Harlequin shrimp, Ornate Ghost pipefish, many types of Nudibranch, not found in neighbouring Thailand, the list goes on. On the East side you have a gentle sploing reef slope down to 30m and the sand. A little further from the reef you can find scattered boulder at depths 40-60+m and is often the playground for the sharks and ray's. On the west side you have a wall that descends down to 35m and then the rocks, boulders and sand slope off to 40-60+m.

For me this site is the Burma equivalent of Thailand's Richelieu rock. I have seen more big stuff here than all my years of diving at Richelieu rock. A place thats best dived between Jan-Apr.

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Wakaya island

   Fiji  Koro Sea
Visit by liveaboard (the Naia), or by the resort on the island. There are many great dive sites. Wall dives with sightings of blue ribbon eels, large hammerhead and black tip sharks, along with wonderful macro opportunites. Have also had many dives with manta rays. Fiji is great diving all year, but my favorite time of year is April - June.

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Sea Emperor, Deerfield Beach, Florida. 50-70 fsw

   United States  Atlantic (North American coastal)
Upside-down hopper barge with field of concrete culverts next to it. Lots of sea life. 70 fsw max.

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Front laguna resort

   Egypt  Red Sea
good dive side in Marsa Alam

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Spiegel Grove off of Key Largo, Florida

   United States  Caribbean Sea
Massive wreck and artificial reef, formerly USS Spiegel Grove. 510 feet long. Depth 130 fsw to sand.

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Columbia Deep

   Mexico  Caribbean Sea
Great coral pillars towering upward and sandy bottom sloping down into the depths. Image of a Hawksbill Turtle under a ledge at the end of a dive off the wall.

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   Puerto Rico  Caribbean Sea
good site for fotgraph and deep diving

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Keepsake, Klein Bonaire

   Netherlands Antilles  Caribbean Sea
Viz off Klein Bonaire is typically better than the shore dives off Bonaire. Found this around 45 feet. Diving with Buddy Dive on the Red Tide.

more info about Keepsake, Klein Bonaire including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatbigsmallsharksturtlescoralstingingairnitroxrepairsinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyinstruction


   Indonesia  Sulu and Sulawesi Seas
Western edge of Bunaken Island,, a place where it has 5 giant clams. Starts in a sloppy area it goes down to more than 40 meters.

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The Pinnacle, Wolf Island, Galapagos.

   Ecuador  Pacific
Fantastic potential.
Liveaboard diving.

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1770 Entries Found: Page 81  of  89