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   New Caledonia  Coral Sea
One of the northern spot in new caledonia, the best is to find the rock on the middle of the sand...

more info about Tiari including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallshoalsairfriendlymacro


   Norway  North Sea
Nice macro area with lots of fish.

more info about Tungenes including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallkelpshoalsstingingmacrowideangle


   Norway  North Sea
Noce island with a friendly diveclub.

more info about Bømlo including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightdriftdrysuitsmallkelpshoalsairfriendlymacrowideangle

Silver Steps

   United Kingdom  Atlantic (European coastal)
Great reef wall and plenty of wildlife

more info about Silver Steps including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewreckwalldrysuitbigsmallkelpshoals


   Philippines  Sulu and Sulawesi Seas
wonderfull dives

more info about thubatha including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboardbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralshoalsnitroxguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendly


   Oman  Arabian Sea
Mirbat at extra divers. A lot of macro life to be found, but when we were there, lots of plankton bloom, which made for murky waters and poor visibility.

more info about Mirbat including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatsmallwhalescoralkelpshoalsairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyinstruction


   Norway  Norwegian Sea
Nice diving in the kelp

more info about Haugesund including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatdriftsmallkelpshoalsairmacrowideangle

Cobb's Cliff

   Papua New Guinea  Solomon Sea
underwater ridge between deep blue water and a sandy arena. lots of current on the blue water side, dog tooth tunas, giant trevallies chasing on fusiliers. Gorgnians and pygmy seahorses on the cliff.

more info about Cobb's Cliff including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwallbigsmallsharksturtlescoralshoalsguidedmacrowideangle

Tania's reef Milne Bay

   Papua New Guinea  Solomon Sea
Coral patch starting from 5m down to 40m, excellent visibility typically 20-35m, can be prone to currents. Very nice hard and soft corals, lots of fish schooling like bannerfish, fusiliers, some predators like giant trevallies or small sharks.

more info about Tania's reef Milne Bay including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwalldriftsmallsharksturtlescoralshoalsairguidedfriendlywideangle

Island View Beach

   Canada  Pacific
Don't bring a tank! This is a freediving or snorkeling site.

more info about Island View Beach including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorenightsmallkelpshoalsmacrowideangle

Bergse Diepsluis, The Netherlands

   Netherlands  North Sea
Tidal waters but not a lot of current here.

more info about Bergse Diepsluis, The Netherlands including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorenightdrysuitsmallshoals


   Turkey  Aegean Sea
This dive point is easy to dive by boat with every level divers which they have the licence.

more info about ADABANKO - KUSADASI - TURKEY including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwallbigsmallshoalsairrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglefilmpfriendlyinstruction


   South Africa  Gulf Of Oman
great dive site, reachable from Dibba Oman... Sheesa beach dhow and adventure is who i recommend in that area

more info about wonderwall including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwalldriftbigsmallturtlescoralshoalsairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyinstruction

ponta bay

   Mozambique  Mozambique Channel
Mozambique offers everything for everyone ... from serious divers and underwater photographers to novice swimmers and snorkelers!

more info about ponta bay including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorenightbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralshoalsstingingairnitroxhireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyinstruction

Egg islang

   Turkey  Aegean Sea
Close to the shore of the island, on the ground probably the spawn like bubbles attached on the moss; furher are the gray mullet passing by

more info about Egg islang including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshoresmallcoralkelpshoals

Egg island

   Turkey  Aegean Sea
Very close to the island

more info about Egg island including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorecavesmallcoralkelpshoals

Carrigycrone Derrynane

   Ireland  Atlantic (European coastal)
Beach Entry. Best to dive on slack tide to incoming.

more info about Carrigycrone Derrynane including maps, reviews, and ratings...shoresmallkelpshoalsairguidedfriendlywideangle

Cermona II

   Spain  Atlantic (European coastal)
Wreck Cermona II

more info about Cermona II including maps, reviews, and ratings...bigsmallshoalsairmacrowideanglefilm

Dragão Wreck

   Brazil  Atlantic (South America coastal)
Dragon Wreck. That's a dredger ship.

more info about Dragão Wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckbigsmallsharksturtlesshoalsairnitroxguidedmacrowideangle

Sharm el Sheikh, Near Garden

   Egypt  Red Sea

more info about Sharm el Sheikh, Near Garden including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatshorewallnightbigsmallsharksturtlescoralshoalsstingingairnitroxmacrowideangle
706 Entries Found: Page 2  of  36