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Shark point

   Thailand  Andaman Sea
South of Phuket near by Koh Phi Phi

more info about Shark point including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharksturtlescoralairnitroxmacrowideanglefilmpfriendly

Kho Phi Phi

   Thailand  Andaman Sea
Diving in the Andaman sea can be a lot of mcro and sometimes wideangel...

more info about Kho Phi Phi including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckwallnightdriftbigsmallsharksturtlescoralairnitroxinstructionmacrowideangleprocessingfilmpfriendly

Kas Turkey

   Turkey  Aegean Sea
Diving in Kas, is for me one of the best places in meditverrnian sea ....

more info about Kas Turkey including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckwallnightbigsmallturtlesairnitroxrepairshireguidedfriendlymacrowideanglefilmpfriendly

Pikkusilta Päijänne Finland

   Finland  Landlocked Seas/Lakes
Pikkusilta Päijänne Finland a lot of lake life.

more info about Pikkusilta Päijänne Finland including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewrecknightdrysuitfreshwatericesmallmacrowideangle

İbrice Diving Center

   Turkey  Aegean Sea
It is nearest bluish water to Istanbul therefore is convenient for the divers living in Istanbul area. Diving center is open 12 months but the most busy period is during the summer time. Dive spots are near to the small fisherman port and transfer is made via small boats. Beside of corals/ sort of fishes and nudibrunches there is a ship wreck and an underwater (representing Gallipoli war) museum that can be dived as well.

more info about İbrice Diving Center including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewreckcavewallnightbigsmallcoralairinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendlyinstruction


   Dominican Republic  Caribbean Sea
Best dive site in Bayahibe

more info about Penon including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightdriftbigsmallstingingairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendly

korumar resort hotel

   Turkey  Mediterranean Sea
this wreck biggest in world and everyday we can go and diving in kusadasi turkey

more info about korumar resort hotel including maps, reviews, and ratings...wrecksmallairwideangle

Montgomery's Reef

   United States
This site includes a wide variety of life, including large Red Snapper, Spade fish, turtles, sharks, sting rays, lionfish, and large schools of bait fish. There are a number of wrecks including a tug and a 120 foot barge. It's a fun dive and is less than 10 miles offshore.

more info about Montgomery's Reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...wreckbigsharksturtlescoral


   Canada  Great Lakes
Shallow depth, paddlewheel shipwreck suitable for novice divers. Protected. On-site change and toilet facilities.

more info about Rothesay including maps, reviews, and ratings...shorewreckfreshwater

Cross Wreck

cross wreck located at Mansinam Island, just 10 minutes by boat from Manokwari city.

more info about Cross Wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...wreck

Dragão Wreck

   Brazil  Atlantic (South America coastal)
Dragon Wreck. That's a dredger ship.

more info about Dragão Wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckbigsmallsharksturtlesshoalsairnitroxguidedmacrowideangle

Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia,

   Indonesia  Molucca Sea
great underwaterlandscape

more info about Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia, including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckwallnightbigsmallsharkscoralairguidedfriendlymacrowideangle

Na'ama Bay

   Egypt  Red Sea

more info about Na'ama Bay including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatshorewreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharksdolphinsturtlescoralkelpshoalsstingingairnitroxinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideanglepfriendly

Doris Wreck

   Italy  Tyrrhenian Sea
Lucky and rare encounter on Doris Wreck

more info about Doris Wreck including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckdrysuitsmallairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedmacrowideanglefilmphireinstruction

Hol Chan Marine Park San Pedro

   Belize  Gulf Of Mexico
Great Place to dive in Hol Chan Marine Park

more info about Hol Chan Marine Park San Pedro including maps, reviews, and ratings...Liveaboarddayboatwreckcavewallnightdriftbigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralairnitroxrepairshireinstructionmacrowideanglepfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction

Olo Olo Lobo Batangas

   Philippines  South China Sea
Lobo Olo Olo Reef Batangas, along Verde Island passage

more info about Olo Olo Lobo Batangas including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckcavebigsmallsharkswhalesdolphinsturtlescoralshoalsairmacrowideangle

Goldern beach

   Qatar  Persian/Arabian Gulf
Sea Urchin

more info about Goldern beach including maps, reviews, and ratings...wreck

Tahiti French Polynesia

   French Polynesia  Pacific
This site is called '"l'aquarium" because of that many fish living around. Some wrecks have taken place there too , a cessna and two steel barges.

more info about Tahiti French Polynesia including maps, reviews, and ratings...wrecksmallcoralfriendlywideangle

Triton Diving

   Croatia  Adriatic Sea
Home bay of Triton Diving. Best diving support on Istria.

more info about Triton Diving including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatshorewreckcavewalldriftdrysuitsmallairnitroxrepairshireinstructionguidedfriendlymacrowideangleprocessingfilmpfriendlyrepairsphireinstruction


   Portugal  Atlantic

more info about Charuteiros including maps, reviews, and ratings...dayboatwreckbignitroxhireinstructionfriendlywideangle
938 Entries Found: Page 3  of  47