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With winter fast approaching Cape Town  diving will be moving from the Atlantic side to False Bay. With our first taste of what the winter might hold this past Sunday  it should come as no surprise that we welcome winter with open arms.
By Geo Cloete
posted 04:02 CST Today (within the last hour)
 Nemo  portrait.
By Jonny Haugstad
posted Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Candy Crab that was hiding in the soft coral
Puerto Galera  Philippines
Oly EM 1  60mm with  5 Diopter and strobes
By Robin Bateman
posted Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Never a dull moment with smiling Lemon Sharks that patrol Tiger Beach at dusk in the Bahamas.
By Steven Anderson
posted Tuesday, May 5, 2015
My favorite winter time dive at Crystal River always is a happy dive with the smiles of the manatees.
By Steven Anderson
posted Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Rospi in love
By Walter Bassi
posted Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Oslob Cebu Philippines

   Philippines  Visayan Sea
feeding whalesharks

more info about Oslob Cebu Philippines including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Komodo Island

   Indonesia  Flores Sea
Komodo Island is one of the best dive site in Indonesia, you can reach the site by plane from Bali. almost of the dive site have strong current and extreme down current or up current. the best dive site : Batu Bolong, Shot Gun, Castle Rock & Manta Point. best period to dive : March to August

more info about Komodo Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Australia  Coral Sea
it's one of my favourite dive sites

more info about whaler including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Kangaroo Island

   Australia  Antarctic (Southern Ocean)
Kangaroo Island - or KI - is Australia's third largest island is home to an incredible array of unique and magnificent animals and scenery! Well worth the expense of getting there - absolutely fantastic and in need of protection!!

more info about Kangaroo Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Tonga  Pacific
Current fed sea mounts covered in gorgonians and soft corals and teeming with life.

more info about Fantasia including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Santa Rosalia

   Mexico  Sea Of Cortés /Gulf of California
there are no dive facilities in santa rosalia. you have to bring everything yourself, and unless you bring a boat as well you have to make friends with the local fishermen and rent one of their boats to take you out. diving with humboldt squid is dangerous,
so it is essential to have the right safety gear like shark suits, helmets, steel cables as dive lines and most importantly an experienced guide who has dived with these animals before!!!!!

more info about Santa Rosalia including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Porlier Pass

   Canada  Pacific
One of Great dive sites around Vancouver Island

more info about Porlier Pass including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Sandys Beach Bar and Drill

   United States  Pacific
This site is obviously not a very good location for scuba diving, but near by this site is the Molokai lookout which is one of my favorite freediving locations. Beyond the treacherous shore break (one of the most notorious neck breaks in the world) you can swim and dive to Halona Blow hole and listen to the incredible echo of the ocean bouncing in the caves! Humpback whales frequent this area between October and April. As the reef shelf drops to over 100 feet almost instantly whales come quite close to the shoreline and make for easy viewing. This is also why the shore break is so powerful. Waves are the faces of the deep!

more info about Sandys Beach Bar and Drill including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Australia  Indian Ocean
go there and find out :)

more info about warra including maps, reviews, and ratings...

South West Rocks

   Australia  Tasman Sea
Fantastic dive site, lots of Grey Nurse sharks and Australia's largest sea cave.......

more info about South West Rocks including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Picasso's Playground, Conflict Islands

   Papua New Guinea  Coral Sea
A newly-named dive site in a quasi-unexplored atoll of 22 uninhabited islands and islets. Located at the heart of the world's most diverse marine bioregion (the Coral Triangle), the Conflict Islands offer everything the enthusiast marine life lover could hope for: shallow lagoons with clear blue waters, plunging reef walls covered with life in all shapes, forms and colours, endemic species, breath-taking pelagic encounters including sharks, manta rays, schools of tuna, whales, orcas and dolphins.

more info about Picasso's Playground, Conflict Islands including maps, reviews, and ratings...

John Pennekamp State Park

   United States  Atlantic (North American coastal)
Great spot for all levels of diving

more info about John Pennekamp State Park including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Ningaloo reef

   Australia  Indian Ocean
Guided tours off Ningaloo Reef in Northern Australia for Whale Shark watching.

more info about Ningaloo reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Maui Straights

   United States  Pacific
We were on a Whale Watching expedition and had many whales for over and hour jumping all around us. It was truly and unbelievable sight.

more info about Maui Straights including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Maui Channel

   United States  Pacific
Whale watching off Maui. Unbelievable day with over an hour of many whales around us the entire time

more info about Maui Channel including maps, reviews, and ratings...

avatoru pass

   French Polynesia  Pacific
At times murky water due to the currents

more info about avatoru pass including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Cap Lahoussaye

   Reunion  Indian Ocean
best shore dive in La Reunion

more info about Cap Lahoussaye including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Turks & Caicos

   Turks and Caicos islands  Gulf Of Mexico
Sleeping beauty...

more info about Turks & Caicos including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   French Polynesia  Pacific
avatoru pass

more info about avatoru including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Wolk Rock

   Australia  Coral Sea
A deep advance divers only dive sight with Grey Nurse Sharks all year round with a huge influx of Greys in November for the mating season. Also Manta Rays and Groupers can be seen here all year round. Max depth 40 meters.

more info about Wolk Rock including maps, reviews, and ratings...

338 Entries Found: Page 4  of  17

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