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Soft Coral Porcelain Crab  Lissoporcellana nakasonei
By Oksana Maksymova
posted 21:48 CST Today (1 hour ago)
3 meter high pilar coral  Gardens of the queen  cuba  nikon D800E tokina lens 10 17mm at 15mm two ikelite subtrobe Ds125  aquatica housing
By Noel Lopez
posted 06:26 CST Today (16 hours ago)
Shining Light. Colorful Gas flame Nudibranch
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted Yesterday
Floating in space 
Mantis Shrimp Larvae stage 
Bonfire Aguadilla Puerto Rico
By Magali Marquez
posted (2 days ago)
nudibranchia  canon 60D canon 60mm  two ikeite subtrobe DS125  seacam housing
By Noel Lopez
posted (2 days ago)
Sortie de grotte
By Jérome Mirande
posted (2 days ago)

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   Malaysia  Celebes Sea
Sipidan and Mabul off the coast of Borneo, Malaysia was one of the best dive locations ever.
Where else can you get the big fish and macro life just 1 island away. When Sipidan had the resorts, you could literally walk out from your beach bungalow to the pristine Celebes Sea and experience white tip and Black tip sharks, loads or huge Hawsbill turtles, Humpheads, Barracuda and nearly every colorful sea life imaginable for a sunset dive.Or take the speed boat 5 minutes to the dive sites where wall dives and reefs and the open blue offer huge sharks, including scalloped hammerheads, nurse and thrasher sharks galore.

Then onto Mabul which is a 15 minute boat ride away, one can see Corocodile fish, large Frog fish in a multitude of colors, Mantis shrimp, ribbon eels, huge Giant Morays,and finally a Pygmy Seahorse that was so hideen in the fan coral that you almost needed a magnifying glass to see it. So beautiful and delicate, its hard to imagine how it ever survives. The list goes on and on.

Truly a Paradise for Divers!!

more info about Sipidan including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Perfect Pinnical

   Samoa  Pacific
the name says it!

more info about Perfect Pinnical including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Kish Island IRAN

   Iran (Islamic Republic of)  Indian Ocean

Discover The Persian Gulf start now from Kish Island !

Kish is a coral Island in the Persian Gulf,
18 km off the southern coast of Iran.
It is a 20 minutes flight from Dubai by jet aircraft;
40 minutes by turboprop.
the island is owned by Iran.
kish is a free zone so you do not require a visa to enter.
The water temperature in June is average 30 C.
With land temperatures reaching around 45 C.
The island has many coral reef dive sites
and fantastic visibility.

if you are interested to dive in PERSIAN GULF the best place is IRAN ( KISH ISLAND )
so have look at :


or mail me :

click here to email 

more info about Kish Island IRAN including maps, reviews, and ratings...

The Arch, Kangaroo Island

Sightings of Leafy seadragons and Weedie Seadragons are GUARANTEED by the operator
Swim with seals and endangered (species) Australian Sealions.
Sixty two different types of Nudibranch have been photographed in this area.
Over 80 of the fishlife in the area are endemic to Southern Australia.
More than 135 NEW SPECIES have been found in the last few years( photos and details available)
Bottlenose dolphins often approach divers and frequently snorkellers spend considerable time interacting with a very friendly pod that live in the area.
Brachiopods ( one of the oldest living fossils) are found here in certain areas.
This is a remote area , low visitation, with clean clear waters, clean beach, high cliffs,spectacular scenery, abundant wild life both marine and terrestial.
Three major ocean bodies met in this area, waters from east and west Australia, plus waters from the Great Southern Ocean and waters from the Gulfs of South Australia.
Season runs November to mid April ( southern summer and autumn)
Small groups of divers , all dives are guided.
Water temperatures range from 15C-16C in November to 19C-20C in January.
The Island is quite large, allow extra time for diving and sight seeing.
Tours & hire cars available. No public transport. Multiple flights daily from Adelaide.
Ferry service from Cape Jervis ( about 1.5 hours south of Adelaide)
Good hire equipment available.
Contact operator for details and advice on local travel bookings.

more info about The Arch, Kangaroo Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Secca Carega - Portofino

   Italy  Mediterranean Sea
Good dive for all type of diver. It's in the center of famous Marine National Park of Portofino. When you are near of -10 meter look like to be in an aquarium.

more info here website

more info about Secca Carega - Portofino including maps, reviews, and ratings...

new drop off - Palau

   Micronesia  Pacific
An amazing wall dive, with sharks passing by every other minut, and with amazing macro : leef fish, slags from many kind and colurs, very colurfull soft corals and big fans.

more info about new drop off - Palau including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Ras Mohamed - Sharm El Sheikh

   Egypt  Red Sea
In July august and september it is the best dive site in the world with over 30 meter vis
with 26 celcius in the water.
You can see it all macro and sharks, rays and dolphins, turtles and schools of baracuda and tuna.

more info here website

more info about Ras Mohamed - Sharm El Sheikh including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Martini Rocks

   United Arab Emirates  Arabian Sea
Another spot of maraine life

more info about Martini Rocks including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   United Arab Emirates  Arabian Sea
every time i dived there i saw somehing new the visibility is between 5 and 10 m

more info about Diba including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Gulf of Guinea

   Ghana  Atlantic (South)
All new dive locations. There are schools of whales and other things to discover. Charlys Extreme Diving is not only offering diving but also relaxing on the beach having a great party at our beach house. Information about our new website will be presented soon.

Be one of the first to discover the beauty of the Golf of Guinea.

more info about Gulf of Guinea including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Secca del Papa, Tavolara Island, Sardinia

   Italy  Tyrrhenian Sea
One of the best sites in Italy: we can find all that we find in the Mediterranean Sea but, above all, groupers and barracudas.

more info about Secca del Papa, Tavolara Island, Sardinia including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Capo Caccia, Alghero Sardinia

   Italy  Mediterranean Sea
A lot of sealife and red coral.

Email us at click here to email  or visit our website website for more info.

more info about Capo Caccia, Alghero Sardinia including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Yellow Reef, Desecheo Island

   Puerto Rico  Caribbean Sea
Taino Divers in Rincon, PR will take you out to the island for the best kept secret in the Caribbean. It takes about 45 minutes to get there & coming back can be rough & wet but thats part of the fun. Yellow Reef is on the North side & cant be dived sometimes but the South side is good as well. Also Dos Pesones is a killer dive to around 95 feet, it means two nipples.
Rincon is a funky little surfer town with a number of American expats. It is on the West coast & about 2.5 hours from San Juan.
Mona Island is another option in the Summer, it is about 40 miles off Rincon. This is a multi-day diving/camping trip. Highly recommended but you gotta be able to rough it.
The Humpbacks come through from Jan. to March & also Pilot Whales. Late Feb. is best time to see them.
Check it out for a cheap dive vacation w/ lots of other things to do.

more info about Yellow Reef, Desecheo Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Numana - Ancona

   Italy  Adriatic Sea
Like Lembeh, but in Italy.
A lot of nudibranch, 20 species.

more info about Numana - Ancona including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Rita Zavetta

   Bermuda  Atlantic
It was an absolutely fantastic dive with the hull sitting in about 55 feet of water i went with Triangle Diving i am a resident to the Island and Triangle is by far the best most trustworthy and has the coolest dives including North Rock the most famous dive however this is on the south shore and the life is quite different with the posibility of a shark passing through

more info about Rita Zavetta including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Papua New Guinea  Bismarck Sea
A mile off shore or less, this site had large basket sponges, small walls with shark action, and plenty of reef fish. Noticeable were the unicorn fish that were being cleaned and turned an iradescent blue when they were happy. Clown fish and anenomes of several kind. Blind shrimp with gobies as look out. Soft coral of various colors. Currnt was barely noticeable. The water temp. was 90F.

more info about Leslies including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Oyster Rock, Paradise Point, Churna Rock, and Open Sea

   Pakistan  Arabian Sea
We the Aqua Diving Services based at Karachi Pakistan provides underwater and diving services with Professional and experienced staff of divers with latest and best diving equipments to Ships, Power Plant, Barrages, Dams, Water Heads, Gas and Oil Fields, etc. We also provide group Swimming, Diving, Fishing guide/training services with the facilities of underwater CCTV, Still/Video Photography, Boat Service, Spot/Sea Dive Please contact: AQUA DIVING SERVICES
Address: 3, Nagina Centre, P.O.Box. 7016, Keamari, Karachi-75620 PAKISTAN
Telephone: 92-21-2856446, 92-21-2857407
Fax: 92-21-2856450
Mobile contact : Tasleem Pervez 0300-8297358, Ch. Farrukh Shahbaz 0300-8299492
Email: click here to email 

more info about Oyster Rock, Paradise Point, Churna Rock, and Open Sea including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Fish Reserve, RAF Akrotiri

   Cyprus  Mediterranean Sea
The site is protected by the local RAF base, who have also provided much of the artificial reef, including a helicopter and fire engine. Tight control of access so not suitable for casual attendance - you need to get there via a local dive operation who will book the time slot.

Once there, just enjoy! A very easy dive - my wife had just completed her Open Water - but an incredable amount of fish, all very interested in people. Very shallow - max 6m/20ft depth so non-divers could even snorkel there, but check with the dive operators first. Photo opportunities beyond compare, and youll run out of time before you run out of air at those depths!

more info about Fish Reserve, RAF Akrotiri including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Dwejra Gozo

   Malta  Mediterranean Sea
Dwejra has about 4 dive sites and a multitude of possibile dives. You can start from the inland sea and swim out through a tunnel, start from the Blue hole and then swim out. You can also opt for a boat dive to Crocodile rock where depths of 40m are easily reached. The swim out of the tunnel has some spectacular photographic opportunities, and it was this site that encouraged me to take up underwater photography. There is also the Coral Garden, with some lovely colours. There is also a large cave to the right of the inland sea, but this should be undertaken as a boat dive as there is a long swim.

Its one of the few place in the Maltese archipelago where one can see large groupers.

One of the main attractions of this area is the colour of the sea. The blue here is like nowhere else in Malta or Gozo.

This area is very popular with tourists all year round.

I hope more people visit the islands to see our extensive heritage, the oldest erect building in the world is in Malta, and our clear blue waters with many wrecks and sites to visit.

Look for Malta and diving on the internet, and you will find some interesting pictures of what is available in Malta.

See Also website

more info about Dwejra Gozo including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Knutshaug, Hitra

   Norway  Atlantic
TURUT is not a large commercial scuba related company, but a happy couple with a keen interest in scuba diving who can take you on a very personal vacation with a group of socially aware people!

We arrange week long scuba trips to the island Hitra several times a year. We stay in comfortable appartements at Knutshaug Fishing Resort on Dolmøy, and we run boat dives 3 times a day. One day we go onboard a larger boat for a 10 hour journey through the skerries of Mausund and Sula. Hitra offers tremendous cold water UW-fauna, excillarating drift dives through narrow sounds, wrecks, and UW-hunting usually leading to food on the table.

more info about Knutshaug, Hitra including maps, reviews, and ratings...

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