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Periclimenes imperator  Zenopontonia rex
By Julian Hsu
posted Thursday, July 2, 2020
Spinyhead blenny with Retra snoot 
F20.0 1/250 ISO100 
Aguadilla Puerto Rico
By Magali Marquez
posted Thursday, July 2, 2020
heider bergsee
By Natascha Lobisch
posted Thursday, July 2, 2020
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted Thursday, July 2, 2020
Juvenile yellow boxfish 
With Retra snoot 
F16.0 1/250 ISO100 
Anilao photo Academy
By Magali Marquez
posted Yesterday
scool is out
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted (2 days ago)

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Southern Taiwan

   Taiwan  East China Sea
If you would like to find out more about dives sites in Southern Taiwan and elsewhere in the country or perhaps you are visiting Taiwan and would like to do some fun dives, or perhaps you live and work in Taiwan and you would like take some PADI Scuba Diving courses, please contact us.

Joe Cooperman
PADI Scuba Diving Instructor
click here to email 
Taichung City

more info about Southern Taiwan including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Ho Bi Hu (Kenting)

   Taiwan  East China Sea
The Southern tip of Taiwan is home to a variety of easily accessible dive sites. One of our favorite ones is located just outside of the beach town of Kenting. Ho Bi Hu, is located (often the butt of jokes) quite near to a nuclear power station. It is sheltered by a breakwater on one side and protective shoreline on the other making something of a small bay. The put-in point is accessible by car and deep channels eroded into the dead coral shore make it fairly easy to get to during both high and low tide. The water is warm and the visibility is very good during the winter months however strong winds can bluster creating side-shore surface currents. Most times however, the bay is fairly calm. The channels get deeper and deeper until they drop over a wall to about 10 meters. Divers can then swim along sandy bottoms inbetween widely spaced balmies. Lots of good soft corals in abundance. Plenty of Angel Fish, Bat Fish, Trigger fish, Wrasses and smaller types. Lion fish are also very common here. I have seen large octopus and cuttle fish in this area from time to time.

Ho Bi Hu is a very good introduction to diving in Southern Taiwan although it can be very crowded from time to time, especially in the summer and spring. Anoyances include large parties of snorklers who appear in the spring and summer who cannot swim but are issued life jackets and cling to large floating devices issued by tour companies.

We typically use Ho Bi Hu for Open Water Dives #3 and #4 when teaching students.

If you would like to find out more about dives sites in Southern Taiwan and elsewhere in the country or perhaps you are visiting Taiwan and would like to do some fun dives, or perhaps you live and work in Taiwan and you would like take some PADI Scuba Diving courses, please contact us.

Joe Cooperman
PADI Scuba Diving Instructor
Taichung City

more info about Ho Bi Hu (Kenting) including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Al-Nakheel Beach [Jeddah City]

   Saudi Arabia  Red Sea
This is one of main dive locations in jeddah located in shores. It has nice facilities, instructors and administration. Fishing in not allowed in this beach to preserve the wild life thats why you can see many types of lifes including the huge ones.

The beach is a good place fotr non-Saudi citizen (it is ment for non saudi) originally. but the only way for a saudi to get in is to be a diver or having a diving course.

more info about Al-Nakheel Beach [Jeddah City] including maps, reviews, and ratings...


Learn to dive at a nice and comfortable place, warm and clear water, beautiful divesites.
The fascinating wreck of the "Bowbelle", see some pictures on our web site.

more info about Madeira including maps, reviews, and ratings...

The Canyon

   Greece  Ionian Sea
A Great dive site in Lefkas island. A wall becoming a canyon and in the end of the canyon there is a swim through cave 30 m long. Vissibility great max depth 43m

more info about The Canyon including maps, reviews, and ratings...


   Antarctica  Antarctic (Southern Ocean)
Breathless takes on a new meaning with this truly once in a lifetime expedition -after my last voyage in 2003, I decide to arrange for a special photographic trip, sort of an Antarctica Unplugged – the best of our last frontier in one trip. Short of chartering our own ocean going vessel, we are going to command our own inflatable on all excursions – this way we can explore at our own pace and most importantly we aim to max out photographic opportunities. Only 10 people in my group. Imagine thousands of King penguins, Rockhopper, Magellanic, Chin straps, Gentoo King, Adelie and Macaroni penguins all in one trip. Of course there will be the Elephant seals, Leopard seals, Crab eaters, Weddels and most often we will cruise along side humpback whales. Though we will not be on scuba, we be looking out for opportunities to snorkel with the seals and to do some over and under images of ice bergs.

more info about Antarctica including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Raja Ampat

Supported by scientific facts, Raja Ampat is the richest reefs system in the world. After two scientific surveys were conducted Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy in 2001 and 2002 respectively, coral expert John Vernon, Raja Ampat declared that Raja Ampat had a higher density of species than anywhere else in the world. The world’s top ichthyologist Dr. Gerry Allen broke his own record twice in Raja Ampat for number of species recorded on a single dive. Before diving in the Raja Ampat area his record was 204 different species recorded in Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea. In 2001, he documented 283 species of coral fish at Cape Kri. Then, during the 2002 near the island of Kofiau, he set a new personal record by documenting 284 species during one dive. This is the coral reefs final frontier. I have been there 4 times and I am going back in 2005 – this time with the a very special guest and a very special boat – the MV Pelagian; undoubtedly one of the best live-aboard in the world

more info about Raja Ampat including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Monterey, California

   United States  Pacific
Monterey California.

Perfect diving for everybody. The water is a bit cold so 2 layers of 7mm or a dry-suit is needed. The viz can range between non or 50 ...

There are plenty of sites for all level of divers, Breakwater is perfect for first-timers and night dives. Monastary beach is more for the experienced divers, watch the beach entry because it can be quite tricky.

Diveshops, daytrips (boat) are available.

The dives are full of sea-lions, lingcod, cabezon, kelp .. etc etc

For some examples: website

more info about Monterey, California including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Canyon Puerto Galera

   Philippines  South China Sea
This one of the beautiful dive sites of Puerto Galera: more than 20 different very interesting diving sites can be rapidly reached for both drift, shallows, drop-off and open-water dives, always on colourful coral reef gardens, which easily lend themselves to macro photography. Frog fishes, sea horses, ghost pipefishes, nudibranchs as well as white-tip reef sharks, sea turtles, barracudas, large-sized trevallies (carangidae), sea-eagles etc. can easily be encountered.

more info about Canyon Puerto Galera including maps, reviews, and ratings...

los pecos

   Gibraltar  Mediterranean Sea
gibraltar has a good deal to offer all levels of diver from as shallow as 8mtrs to as 60mtrs+ for the techy wrecks reefs and drop offs

see also website

more info about los pecos including maps, reviews, and ratings...

North Horn at Osprey Reef

   Australia  Coral Sea
Osprey has plenty of diversity, hence a great name for our liveaboard, the "Diversity". Osprey has a dive site called "North Horn". Quite a number of shark species can be found at this site including white tip, black tip, and silver tip. A number of really large groupers were also present at this site, they were the Queensland grouper or Cod as they are called and they were in the 400lb. range and as we were at a shark feed they literally took some of the food away from the sharks. Also at this site it is reported that there is some nice size tree type of soft coral. Water temp was 82F, with about 80 ft. of viz.

more info about North Horn at Osprey Reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Stoney Cove

   United Kingdom
Great dive site, friendly atmosphere, plenty of fellow divers to help and assist.

Access to Stoney Cove for diving is available to all registered divers during opening hours every day except during the Christmas and New Year holidays. You will find details in the current Stoney Cove Report. All diving projects other than instruction and general sports diving must be declared and agreed with the duty site manager.

stoney cove
sapcote road
stoney stanton
le9 4dw

tel: 01455 273089

more info about Stoney Cove including maps, reviews, and ratings...


Offers an extremely wide range of diving for a single destination. 2nd ww wrecks from the Japanese fleet. Thermal lake where the first 15 meters is semi sweet water at 29 C, from 15 to 25 meters the temp is 39 C & below that it goes back to being 29 C. Wide range of corals hard & soft with a lot of macro life. It has a friendly safe diving atmosphere.

more info about divecal including maps, reviews, and ratings...

wreck tulum

   Mexico  Caribbean Sea
there is several activities in cancun,and it really scuba diving in cancun is not that famous cause is a big party center,we would like to show you the great areas of cancun
if you want more information please e-mail us to

we want to share the great blue with you !!

more info about wreck tulum including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Old clup reef

It is a nice site to dive from shore.

more info about Old clup reef including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Current Cut High-Speed Drift Dive

   Bahamas  Atlantic
This dive has to be one of the most exhilarating drift dives out there. The channel, or Cut, between North Eleuthera and Current Island forces the tide to stream through at 6-10 knots, making for a challenging dive. Your buoyancy skills have to be real sharp to be comfortable on this dive.

I went with Ocean Fox, a small and well-run dive shop on Harbour Island. The checked my diving experience and requested that I take a dive with them prior to being permitted to dive Current Cut to ensure I was 'up to it'. I liked that they were safety conscious, and understood their requirement after one pass through the Cut!

We made a total of three runs through the Cut. The first lasted 12 minutes, in which time we must have travelled nearly 2 miles! Dr Andy, the divemaster, made sure we stayed together as a group (there were 3 other divers on the trip) and that we saw what was down there - 3 sharks and 7 eagle rays on just the first run!

The starting depth is around 35ft, and my computer (which didn't like the dive at all - it kept beeping at me) registered a max depth of 61ft. The bottom is hard rock covered with sea fans, sponges and small corals. As you get into the dive the bottom becomes pock-marked with large holes, and Andy did his best to get us in as many as possible. Once in the holes you are somewhat out of the current, so can catch your breath and look around. Many of the holes are packed with lobster, parrot fish, and big queen angels.

The visibility isn't great, since the rushing water stirs up the bottom. We made the dive on an incoming tide, which Andy said is a cleaner run than the outgoing tide. The fast-moving water also tests your photography skills. I managed to get a couple of shots off of the sharks as we flew past them, but positioning yourself in the water at speed isn't that easy!

This is not a dive for the inexperienced or those who avoid 6 Flags! It is an amazing dive, however, and one I will remember for a long time.

more info about Current Cut High-Speed Drift Dive including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Grouper Hole

   Bahamas  Atlantic
The Grouper Hole is one of the most outstanding dive sites in the North Eleuthera/Harbour Island area for sheer density and diversity of marine life. The stie ranges from 65ft to 90ft and boasts huge overhangs and grottos covered in hard and soft corals and sponges all in pristine condition. The site is a few hundred yards from a 2000ft drop-off and provides the only real protection for schools of fish in the area. As a result the site is packed full of fish: big schools of Bermuda Chub, Bar Jacks, Black Jacks, Horse-eye Jacks, Goatfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Grunts...the list goes on. From December through April, around the full moon, large numbers of Grouper visit the site to spawn, and so divers are treated to the rare opportunity to photograph schooling Grouper. The visiting Grouper also attract sharks, so be prepared for close encounters with Carribean Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, and on occasion Bull Sharks.
The site is 7 miles off-shore and is often subject to strong currents, making the site undiveable. Ocean Fox Diving, on Harbour Island, has figured out when the tides are slack at the site, so contact them in advance to see when the site is available to dive. If you are in the area during a grouper spawn, you will not be disappointed!

more info about Grouper Hole including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Turtle Island by Phu Quock Island

   Vietnam  South China Sea
Not so many large animals, but nice place, nice people (Rainbow Divers divebase, website

more info about Turtle Island by Phu Quock Island including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Scotts Head Pinnacles

   Dominica  Caribbean Sea
Scotts Head Pinnacles straddles the top of a submerged volcanic crater,creating the southern rim of the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve, the isthmus seperates the Atlantic from the Caribbean and is a nutirent mixing zone. This brings in small fish which are fed upon by larger.
The mooring pin is on top of a large rock riddled with cracks and crevices and one swim through, on a shalf of 10m depth, filled with lobster and soldierfish. From the pin one swims to the main pinnacle where two large rocks abut forming an arch, this is filled with soft corals, lobster and fish. Going through the arch takes you from the Atlantic into the Caribbean, the wall begins in 3m and drops vertically to 35 before sloping to approximately 1500m, on a good day you tend to ignore the huge gorgonains, barrel sponges and other life dripping from the wall and spend the dive looking out to sea at the schooling fish, on a bad day the wall is more than enough for the jaded reef diver to come up saying "wow!", remember this is a mixing zone loads of nutirents so lots of life and opportunity for growth on the reef and in the water column. If the current is running it is a drift along the wall back to the edge of the reef and onto the shelf,but the ride is worth it. From the edge of the reef heading back to the shelf is a garden of macro life and well worth loking for seahorses frogfish etc. in addition to small barracuda looking at you like you owe them money, going through the swimthrough under the moring pin will bring you to the top of the first pinnnacle and under the boat for your safety stop.
This is one of the dives I do to remind myself that theres more to life than stress.

more info about Scotts Head Pinnacles including maps, reviews, and ratings...

Island of Langeland

   Denmark  Baltic Sea
Along Langeland’s coast, we find one of history’s busiest shipping lanes and an impressive ship graveyard.

The naturalist and macro photographer will find many exciting visual and ecological discoveriesbelow and above the sea, from the subtle hues of the Danish white nights and landscapes to the magnificent underwater stone reefs.

Divecenter Langeland is situated in an old picturesque farm house from 1777 on the Danish island of Langeland in Southern Denmark.

There is immediate access to this plethora of wrecks from various eras including many well preserved WWII wrecks as well as subsea Stone Age and viking settlements.
This is the wreck of Dr. Eichelbaum - a german WW2 armoured trawler, sunk in the Great Belt in 26meters, and just 15 min from the beach. On this wreck some sportsdivers found a lot of interesting artifacts. For example these:
These are the code wheels from the top-secret German code machine Enigma
To supplement the wreck diving we usually go reef diving as dive number two
This is from a German Motortorpedoboat. This one is a shallow dive - only 12meters. How about that for accessibility?
Common plaice - this one had confidence in his camouflage. Could have ended him up on my frying pan if I hadn't had my hands full of camera.
The Great Belt - the most important shipping lane between the Baltic and the Atlantic. This narrow strait is littered with exciting wrecks and reefs, just a few mins away with the RIB.
Theis the wreck of "Tromp" - blown up by a mine. Now it is covered by a a fur of sealillies.
The water is real close - walking distance from the dive centre. In this bay there are both remains from viking and stone age settlements
These flint scrapers from early stone age may have been produced 13,000 years ago. Want to find one yourself?
These tunicates are photographed right there too
A goby watching his territory - night dives are really easy. Though in mid summer the sunset is really late.
The chalets of the Dive centre have direct view over a protected nature reserve and the sunset! A perfect place for a good barbeque.
The reefs in the currents are teeming with life.
You don't need a boat to get to the reefs. Here they end on the beach. Grab your camera and hop in.
This is the wreck of Island - another German warship and WW2 casualty. At 25 meters you get ample bottom time.
"Stentrans" is a big wreck - and a fairly modern one. It lies on its port side in 24meters of water. This is the crane boom in front of the first cargo hold. We are looking aft, so the silhouet to the left of the diver is the starboard rail and behind the diver is the brigde with "up" pointing right
This is my curiosity shot: A seaspider - about 1½ cms, or ½ inch long - I had only seen them in textbooks, when this one came dancing past me when I was photographing the plaice above. This is in 2 meters of water.

And that is what I like about this place. I always see something new.

And so will you.

Peter Symes - 2004

more info about Island of Langeland including maps, reviews, and ratings...

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