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by Julian Hsu

Goby and eggs

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Underwater Photo Contest | Humorous

987 Entries Found: Page 21  of  37
Any shot that predominantly has an amusement factor :-)
Ship on Reef. The second (and last) of my series: 'The importance of accurately reading tide tables.' Enjoy!
with 2 friends
Poppy (my scuba pet) visits his relatives and they are "surprised"!
Giant stride entry practice......
5.12 Czech tradition, Saint Nicholas, the devil and the angel go and hand out gifts to children
WTF!!! What are you???
Special poker game - realized in the pool at the Palm Garden Resort of click here in Phuket, Thailand.
Another excellent reason for the accurate use of tide tables!
Lets go to down to watch the Thresher Sharks smile Balt is motivated
Spade attack!
Moray eel Raja ampat indonesia
A very special seahorse ( HIPPOCAMPUS PLASTICUS) smile
Funny photo, but it also has a serious statement. Estimated that 500 tons of plastic waste swims only on the surface in the Mediterranean. The death of many orgnisms is guaranteed.
In a situation where there was no fish or anything else "photogen" around during my dive, I had found this lonely beer bottle and placed my fin just beside it ;-) Let's name "the adventures of "flippy", the lonseome fin" :-)))
Keep on Truckin. . .
Well, it *coulda* been a froggie. . .
Need some air?
Smile, you are diving!
No fishes :-(
/ three fishing boats at turning buoy look like a tearful snowman :-)
"UW Photographer's Workplace" ;-)
This old "Toshiba Satellite" Notebook is to see inside the radio-communications room of the the Dakota C-47 airplane wreck in Kas/Antalya ( Turkey ). Above the notebook is the oxygen supply....all provided ;-)
Self-Portrait with my good old friend Mister Pike Fish... :O)...
A new regulator model: the jelly-regulator!!!
Toilet Anemone
Seattle, WA U.S.A.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
we love toilet humour!
Little diver :-)
Funny underwater shooting with some wonderful babies.
Hey if your names not on the list you're not getting in!
A muck dive in the Lembeh Strait. No flash or photoshop. This was taken (patiently) using a Intova with a macro lens and manual white balance
Do you know what time it is??
987 Entries Found: Page 21  of  37