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Underwater Photo Contest | Macro - not swimming

19712 Entries Found: Page 721  of  731
Smaller subjects typically 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.5cm) shot on macro settings or with macro equipment that are NOT MOVING usually on the bottom (i.e. between 1:1 and 1:3)
Pgymy Sea Horse/Taken in Lambah, Indo. A 8 mm Pgymy Sea Hores posing for my shoot which there are more than 5 hiding in this 1 metre sea fan. Used a 2X converter to enhance larger subject in size with Sea/Sea strobe.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I bet this was hard to spot Ken - finding the subject is half the battle with macro
A great place Israel to spot Nudibranches rares and nice like this chromodoris taken at night with a 70-180 macro zoom
A ghost pipefish taken in Lembeh
Hypselodoris - Sulawesi 2003
one lazy puffer foto taken with olympus c5050 and pt 015 + epoque-150ds november 2003
Port-cros (France)

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice 'mugshot' Laurent
This Nudi was taken in Lembeh at the Nudi Falls dive site on a MotorMarine II Ex and T2 lens.
Dumaguete House Reef 2003
Clever Disguise on a Bonaire night dive!
the vent of a clam surrounded by teardrop patterning , sodwna bay south africa
A baby sea star sitting on kelp, taken with my Olympus c5050Zoom on fuly automatic. Taken at the island of Myken, northern Norway summer of 2003.
Anemonefish taken in Sodwana (South Africa)
Taken in Lembeh, a pair of shrimps on a sea cucumber.
Shrimp2 - Nikon 801S in Mimicam(Seacam) -105mm - Provia
Flamingo Tongue taken in Bonaire with a Motor Marine II with a 2:1 Macro Lens and YS60 strobe.
Stenopus Hispidus SeaMaster Pro Camera Taken In Venezuela
shrimp on Spanish dancer - North Sulawesi june 2003 - Nikon F80, Nikkor 105mm
Chromodoris Tritos- Maldives - Olympus C5050zoom and PT015 Housing Using internal Strobe
Red mouth grouper with cleaner shrimps. Nuweiba Egypt, F90X and 60mm lens
Nikonos V, 1:2 macro framer, Gulf of Lyon
Golden Cup Corals/Nikon F4/105mmMacro/Velvia
Took this pic on one of the dives to Nudi Falls in Lembeh
Thorny seahorse, Nuweiba, Egypt. Taken with Nikon F90 with 60mm lens
Just hanging out at home, Olympus 4040 tetra housing wet swap macro
This moray was taken in Southern Mozambique @22m with a MotorMarine II EX and T3 lens
Cleaning station, Dive site: Sodwana, South Africa, How: On a casual dive I saw the small Eel (Head about 4cm) and noticed all the shrimps around him busy cleaning
19712 Entries Found: Page 721  of  731