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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Indonesia

18736 Entries Found: Page 691  of  694
Nicely coloured nudibranch off Bunaken, Manado
A 'camouflaged' baby octopus, taken at Bali, Indonesia
Nudibranch with a twist, a greenwater background. D2x 60mm with Woody's diopter
More of the seamoth taken at Bali, Indonesia
Alex and the stars,Nikon D100
Ma Ma! Well, not sure about that.
D2x 60mm Woody's diopter.
Cute pair of skunk anemone fish on a Bunaken dive site.
Smug blenny in a hole, Bunaken, Manado.
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Hey,(Bob) that flash is burning my eyes!
Mantis Shrimp. A shadowy figure on the reef. D2x 60mm Woody's diopter.
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Pygmy Seahorse.D70,105mm.
Kakaban Island, Indonesia
Puffer fish taken on sea bed at 20m North Selawesi KBR resort muck diving Jan 2006
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Tulamben wreck, Bali is a great place for macro photography. I love the colours of this cowrie shell.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
good diagonals
These little gobies are so hard to take a picture of, they keep moving around. I like this one because of the very pretty background.
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Bubble coral shrimp (Vir philippiniensis). Nikon F-90, TTL, nikkor micro 60mmm
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
Close up of anemone tentacles off Bunaken Island
Barracuda shoal at Sipadan
Taken at Bli, Indonesia
Taken at Bali, Indonesia
18736 Entries Found: Page 691  of  694

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