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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands Antilles

2378 Entries Found: Page 81  of  89
Curacao. D70 10.5 fisheye, no strobe.
Reef Squid, Curacao Many, many shots taken - at end of the dive at 25' depth.
Diver and Scorpionfish, Curacao. D70, 10.5 fisheye. No strobe.
Diving witch's hut in bonaire found these sea horses
Under the city pier in Bonair.
divers checking it all out
Lizardfish, close-up.
The balloonfish slowly approached me on a twilight dive, and I was able to get a close-up of his cornea and lens.
"Stretching," spotted cleaner shrimp on anemone. Curacao. D70, 105 macro, +4 diopter add.
White frogfish. Curacao.
Eye contact with octopus.
Beautiful coloured anemone shrimp.
A difficult picture to take, because the shrimp was always faster then my camera.
Trunkfish portrait - up close. Curacao. D70, 105 macro.
Keep smiling...!!!
Friendly little Balloonfish swiming directly to my camera and smile, so I could make this picture.
I slowly approached this balloonfish and got a close-up shot of his eye. You can see his cornea and lens. Curacao. D70, 105 macro, +4 diopter.
Taken while snorkeling on the morning we had to depart Curacao. D70, 10.5 fisheye lens, no strobe.
While night diving almost swam into this beauty. Basket Star
Spotted Moray, close-up of front teeth.
Crab, peeking under anemone.
Under the dock at the Habitat Resort, Curacao.
'FREE RIDER' Natural light from deep within the 'windjammer' wreck on Bonaire. Diver cruises by on a DPV. Enjoy!
Christmas Tree Worm. Curacao. D70, 105 macro.
Lizardfish. D70, 105 macro.
Octopus portrait, taken at night in Curacao.
Balloonfish eye.
This was one of the largest green moray's I have seen.
Eye of Octopus. D70, 105 macro, +4 diopter add.
2378 Entries Found: Page 81  of  89

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