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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

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a friendly potato bass makes our dive very special.taken with a 16mm fisheye to get up close and personal
Turtle - Sodwana Bay 2 mile reef. This turtle had an injury to the shell, it looked like a boat prop hit it on the right hand side of his shell.
Diving in a deep blue canyon with walls covered in basket stars. One opened up for us despite the time of day!
Up close fish - Sodwana Bay December 2006. 5 mile reef. Sony cybershot P93 with housing - no filter no strobe.
Shark Attack. Great White attacking cage whilst cage-diving off Dyer Island, South Africa.
Female Tiger Shark,natural light, what an awesome animal!
Winner Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
This ain't awesome - it's AWESOME - well done Roger
Great white shark breaching, Nikon D2H
Great White, taken off Dyer Island from top deck of shark diving boat using Konica Minolta Dynax 7D + Sigma 18-200 DC Lens. Later got close up video inside shark's mouth!
Tiger shark and free diver dance around each other near Durban South Africa
Jelly Fish
an inquisitive pod of dolphins checks us out.feediving. Nikon F100 and 16 mm lens. no strobes.
chokka or squid in a mating dance in Port Elizabeth South Africa taken with a Nikon f100 and a 20 mm lens
Diver and very friendly moray eel getting to grips with each other. Nikon F100 16 mm fisheye lens and sea and sea housing with 2x 120 strobes

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Not everyone's idea of a cuddle!
Yoga shot taken in Sodwana Bay South Africa with grad pink filter, Nikon F100
yoga on the beach at Sodwana Bay South Africa. a sunset and a grad. pink filter helped!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Great lifestyle hot Fiona
taekn at Sodwana Bay South Africa with a Nikon F100 in a sea and sea housing ...use of model to make small fish appear large!
Lion fish and Diver taken in Sodwana Bay Kwazulu Natal South Africa. Taken with Nikon F100 in sea and sea housing
Clownfish in an anemone.
Sodwana, South Africa
Scorpionfish - Ribbon Reef - Sodwana Bay - South Africa
Canon G6 - Ikelite housing - Bonica slave strobe
Pink Paperfish - Stringer Reef - Sodwana Bay, South Africa
Canon A80 with internal flash
Nudibranch - 7 Mile Reef - Sodwana Bay - South Africa
Canon A80 - internal flash
Gas Flame Nudie - Bikini Reef - Sodwana Bay - South Africa
Canon G6 in Ikelite housing
the vent of a clam surrounded by teardrop patterning , sodwna bay south africa
Tech diver and scooter exploring coral reefs , sodwanan south africa
This image was made on the same day as a full lunar eclipse , the moon was shot that evening and the scooter diver the next day . sodwana bay, south africa
Moray eel eye and mouth detail. close up and detail of patterning of honeycomb moray, south africa
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2003

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
An interesting crop and the pattern makes this shot
Longnose hawkfish challenging the macro port for his lookout on hotspots reef , Sodwana bay South Africa
2918 Entries Found: Page 108  of  109

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