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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Henrik Gram Rasmussen

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The mighty Whaleshark - watched by 2 divers as it dives into the abyss
Urangutang Crab ..... 105mm, manual focus, TTL
Squid, 105mm
The scandinavian "kutling" or in warmer water the Perch is very shy. 105mm iTTL
The "nudies" is easyly found in great numbers during the early spring in Denmark
Winter dive in the Baltic ... water temperature -1C
Giant Frogfish
Diver on the WWII wreck UJ-173 Submarinehunter
Scorpionfish on coral (portrait) Nikkor 60mm, manual focus
Featherstar Shrimp, 105mm manual focus
Mating Mandarine Fish, Sangie Islands. 105mm, manual focus
Mating Cuttlefish - taken at Sangie Islands.
Squid taken during a nightdive at Siau (Sangie Islands Northeast of Sulawesi) During my 6 shots it constantly changed coulrs and patterns. Manual Focus was needed. Used my 105mm f.36 at 1/100 and DS125 in 1/4
Shrimp in Bubble Coral
Pyjama Slug smile
"Close encounter" - a 9m whaleshark decided to spend his morning swim around the same time as we did - magnificant animal smile - 12-24mm Nikkor
Hide and Seek smile (see cant see us)
Diver Inspecting the WWII wreck UJ279, Submarine hunter, in the fjords outside Stavanger.
Summer in the Baltic - 17 degrees and sunshine smile
Oceanic Whitetip with his buddies smile
Dont Leave me - a pair of affectionate Hermit Crabs - shot on a night dive on the wreck of M/S Emil R. Rezlaff
Yellowmouth Morray - smile
Ultra closeup of the polyp of a coral. Only sligtly adjusted for exposure. The colours are the result in a flouresent pigmentation exposed to the flash smile used 105mm at a few inches distance.
Stonefish, in mating "dress"
This Oceanic white tip seemed exited about the charging of my flash (electro magnetic field ??) shot of Deadelus reef on a not so known divesite a few miles from the actual reef. I am always greatfull when allowed diving with Sharks
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2008

Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging
WhaleShark playing :o) We encountered this gentle giant unexpected during a rare perfect still day on the north tip of Big Brother Island. No wind, no waves - just - awesome. No strobes Nikkor 12-24mm
Michael at the dentist smile Cleaning is essential for a good set of teeths :). Took a bit of waiting but eventually the schrimps decided that pancakes would do for breakfast
257 Entries Found: Page 9  of  10