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Pseudoprotella phasma

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By David Heidemann

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Barracuda close-up. Key Largo.
Angelfish eye, viewed from behind. Nikon D70, 60 mm macro lens.
Ascending from the U-352 wreck.
Sand Tiger, inside Aeolus wreck, North Carolina.
Indra Wreck, Carolina. D70, 12-24 mm lens, no strobe.
U-352 wreck. Carolina. D70, 12-24 mm lens, no strobe.
Sand tiger shark. North Carolina.
Flounder and diver.
Mouth of Trunkfish.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Well this is a first for a subject!
Goby or blenny (I'm not sure), Grand Cayman. D70, 105 macro lens with diopter.
Sunset at Grand Cayman.
Parrotfish eye, cornea and lens, viewed from above. Nikon D70, 60 mm macro.
Diver and trumpetfish. Nikon D70, 12-24 wide angle.
Wrasse, Bermuca, Nikon D70, 12 -24 mm lens.
Constellation wreck, Bermuda. Nikon D70, 12-24 mm lens.
Twilight dive in Bermuda. Poor visibility - only got one shot.
Lionfish, Bermuda.
Grouper. Nikon D70, 12-24 mm lens.
Nudibranch, Bermuda.
Hermes Wreck, Bermuca. Nikon d70, 12-24 mm lens, no strobe.
Grouper and diver. Bermuda. Nikon D70, 12 mm lens.
Shore dive at Grand Cayman's Sunset House. 10.5 mm fisheye.
Lizard at Sunset House, Grand Cayman.
Octopus. Nikon D70.
Eyes of crab. Cozumel.
Cold water diver in Michigan lake, November.
152 Entries Found: Page 2  of  6