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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By David Heidemann

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Banded coral shrimp, peeking between antennae and spines of sea urchin. Curacao, Sea and Sea, DX5000, single strobe.
Trunkfish at night. Can see texture of skin, due to oblique angle of single strobe. Sea and Sea DX5000, Grand Cayman.
Lobster on night dive, Grand Cayman. Sea and Sea DX5000.
Goby, Grand Cayman, Nikon D70, 105 macro.
A snapped a quick shot as this passing barracuda suddenly opened it's mouth. Sea and Sea DX3000, Key Largo, Florida.
Angelfish, Grand Cayman, Sea and Sea DX5000.
Angelfish, Grand Cayman, shore dive. D70, 60 mm macro.
Lobster, night dive. DX5000. Islamorada Key, Florida.
Trunkfish swimming along guide rope on shore dive, Curacao.
Reef scene with coral, diver, and slave strobe. D70, 10.5 wide angle lens, Marathon Key, Florida.
Scorpionfish. It was perched on a rock so I was able to get below him and get a blue background. Heavy surge - trouble holding camera still. DX5000. Islamorada Key, Florida.
Squirrelfish, looks like he's waving with pectoral fin. Grand Cayman. Nikon D70, 105 macro.
Trunkfish cornea, viewed from behind. Grand Cayman.
Grand Cayman, shore dive.
Dive buddy at 90 feet depth on Thunderbolt wreck, Marathon Key, Florida. 10.5 mm fisheye lens, dual strobe.
Balloonfish, trying to hide in coral. Curacao, twilight dive, Sea and Sea DX5000.
Eyes of juvenile flounder looking back, as I slowly approached from behind. Nikon D70 with 105 macro lens and dual Ikelite strobe.
152 Entries Found: Page 6  of  6