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by Sofia Tenggrono

Jurasic moray

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by Marc Van Den Broeck

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Sofia Tenggrono (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Irish Sea

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Tompot. Trefor pier. D200, 60mm.
Snake pipefish.
Trefor Pier, N. Wales.
60mm & wet diopter.
Fifteen-spined. Stickleback. Trefor pier. D200, 60mm.
Fish Face.
Plaice under Trefor Pier, N. Wales.
60mm & wet diopter.
Snake pipefish. Trefor pier. D200, 60mm. Wet diopter.
Trefor Pier, N. Wales.
60mm, wet diopter.
Weed under Trefor pier. North Wales. D200, 10.5mm.
sea and sea dx-5000g, wide lense.
My buddy and I.
3rd place Monthly HotShots

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Editor's Comment
Man's best friend
Black Goby.
Trefor Pier, N. Wales.
Long legged spider crab. North Wales. D200, 60mm.
Snake Pipe fish, Trefor Pier North Wales. Nikon D80, 60mm
Shanny, Trefor harbour. Nikon D80, 60mm
Greater Pipefish, Trefor North Wales, Nikon D80, 60mm
Long Spined Scorpion Fish, Trefor North Wales. Nikon D80, 60mm
Crab taken at Trefor, North Wales. Nikon D80, 60mm
Spiny spider crab. Not very happy! Trefor pier. D200, 10.5mm.
Boat at anchor. Trefor pier. D200, 10.5mm.
Plaice taken at Trefor Pier North Wales, Nikon D80, 60mm Ikelite DS125 Strobe
Shanny taken in Trefor Harbour, North Wales. Nikon D80, 60mm, Ikelite DS125 Strobe
Snake pipefish.
Trefor Pier, Wales.
Lovely grayseal
Tompot Blenny taken at Trefor Pier, North Wales. Nikon D80, 60mm Macro, Ikelite Housing & Ikelite DS125 Strobe
Long Spined Sea Scorpion taken at Trefor North Wales
Long spined scorpion fish. It just won't go down..
D200, 60mm. North Wales.
Under the pier. Trefor. North Wales. D200, 10.5mm.
Flabellina pedata. Trefor pier. D200, 2x converter,wet diopter.
Snake pipefish. North Wales. D200, 60mm.
371 Entries Found: Page 9  of  14

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