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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Indonesia

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Ambon Commensal Shrimp on Crinoid. Lembeh Strait. The shrimp lives within the feather star and colouration matches its host.
How small can you get????? Taken with D100 w/60mm
Snake in Manado, North Sulawesi.
Slipper Lobster at Night
Carneval at the Reef Wakatobi 2005
At Tulamben wreck I saw this huge mantis shrimp. I had heard they can easily brake a lens with a hit of their legs so I approached very cautiously but since it didn't seem bothered at all I got within less than 5cm to get this shot.
The sun was shining beautifully on this part of Tulamben wreck. I couldn't resist taking the shot, though I normally prefer macro photography.
Night Dive at Wakatobi 2005
Pygmy Sea Horse on a sea fan in Kungkungan Bay on the Lembeh Straits. Taken on a sea fan with a housed SLR
Taken at Manado, Indonesia
Bunaken Park, Manado, North Sulawesi.
Camouflage ....... Bunaken Park, Manado, North Sulawesi.
"Mood Indigo" Manado, Indonesia. 2005. Canon A-95 with built-in flash. No external strobe.
Lembeh Streit, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Muck dive in Lembeh Strait, high biological interest for isopods
Nudibranch Canaon S70 No Strobe Macro Modus
Crown of Thorns. This is what is out of control and eating all the reef! Our Ausie guide killed this one.
Ghost pipefish close-up taken in Lembeh Straits.
Orange Anemonefish
Colorfull nutibranch in Komodo. D100 in Titan housing with 60mm.
Taken at Manado, Indonesia
It's alwasy hard to make a good picture of Pygmee seahorses since they keep hiding as soon as you approach with a lens. This time my wife was on the other side of the gorgonian to stop it from moving away and I finally got a good shot.
I was very lucky when I saw this harlequin shrimp climbing down the edge of a sponge to get to the arm of a starfish that was lying at the bottom of it. No, I didn't put it there, but someone else may have done so before me and I just got lucky smile
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2006
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Editor's Comment
Oooooo zoom me!
"Preaching to the Choir". Sea Squirts. Bethlehem/Manado. 2005. Canon A-95. Built-in flash. No external strobe.
I prefer muck dive ....... Poopoh dive site, Manado, North Sulawesi.
Miller's Nembrotha nudibranch snacking on one of its favorite sponges. No wonder they have such beautiful blue rhinophores! D100 in a Titan Housing, Komodo.
Taken at Manado, Indonesia
18755 Entries Found: Page 694  of  695

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