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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Gaetano Gargiulo

244 Entries Found: Page 8  of  10
6+m of vis at Clifton Gardens are rare...
playing with shallow DOF with a friendly dragonet
cute little mimicking file-fish
the debut of Violet-tino on the contest :-)
"waiting" and old Italian proverb says: "the patience is the virtue of the strong ones"... if this in true I would not like to have a frog-fish as enemy, I went diving 2 times in 2 different days and I found them exactly in the same position
a yellow one. what a surprise at Clifton, and pretty well camouflage
Ragged tooth sand tiger shark (one of many) at Nelson Bay
enjoying the winter sun...
"waxy" the skin of those sea-horses is like wax
Dragon approach...
Tokina 10-17 @17 with 3 strobes to create a shadow free macro image
she is very shy and difficult... it took me more than 10 minutes standing still to make her to understand that I was not a predator... her mate is as shy as she..
"staring at the sun"
"The sun kisses the beautiful..." trying to add the sun-bursts into the macro :-) my sun is a 4th strobe...
that is her place...
color-burst (105micro + macromate 2x) no crop
"under an artificial sun" playing with more than 2 strobes (5 in this case)
To enhance the glowing I used a UV illumination system that I designed
"relaxing after sex" I caught this fellow mating, I took shots during the mating, when they have done, this one (the male by the position of the tentacles during the mating) was so tired that left me take several pictures without moving
playing with the wide-angle at night (tokina 10-17 +1.4x kenko pro @11mm)
"Fade to black"...
"fish" rocket" I guess that this little fellow was trying the kill its reflex in my dome... there was current and the dust lifted really seems the cloud left behind from a rocket to me...:-)
just a leather jacket...
The diagonal swimmer :-)
"Fade to Black"
No weird PS tricks, this guy was hiding between pylons that acted like natural snoots. I left intentionally the scattering on the body of the fish to enhance the fading... hope you like it
244 Entries Found: Page 8  of  10