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Underwater Photo Contest | Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)

6244 Entries Found: Page 231  of  232
shots taken using ambient light i.e. unlit by flash or continuous lighting like HID but filters on the lens are allowed if declared
Manta, Isla Isabel Mexico, Taken with Nikonos V No Flash
Grouper, with one of those cholate dip fish getting in the way. Red Sea, Olympus Digital C960, no flash.
A solitary sergeant major. Olympus c960 digital, no flash.
This little gray reef shark swam with me Komodo Island, Indonesia!
I shot this guy in the Palawan, PI with an MX-10.
I caught this clown trigger fish in 30 meters below Saipan's Grotto. I used a Sea N Sea MX-10.
Taken off the Coast of Puerto Rico/ Sony Digital Camera usigng natural light
Nurse Shark/St Thomas, USVI, Sony Digital Camera/No Flash
Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) shooting ink, taken in Baleal, Portugal, with a Bonica Seaking Snapper with 1:6 macro.
This shot is near Gili Traiwanga north of Lombock in Indonesia and taken with a Sea N Sea MX-10.
Lemon Shark, Maldives, Sea&Sea SX 1000, 14mm
Anemone fish and fanworm --Saipan
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2002
Spotted Dolphins, Bahamas Nikon F4, 18mm, Aquatica
Dolphin,Red Sea, Nikon F90X ,20mm
Sunning Turtle
My Wife - Bimini, Bahamas Sea & Sea MX10
Oval Butterrly and Yellow Tang- Wing Beach -Saipan
12m with mx5, again as with most of my subjects, he just happened to be there
In Ras Mohammed last week at about 15meters using an mx5, just saw it and shot it
Angelfish taken w/ digital still Northern Marianas
Coral Cut at Taga Beach Tinian
Turtle on a rough day
Tuna diving
Shilouette of grouper on top of the reef,Belize C.A.,Nikonos 35 mm lense,no strobe
'The Barge' wreck at Fury Shoal, southern Red Sea. Nikon F90x in Aquatica housing. 16mm lens
Stone Fish Pau Pau Beach Saipan
just under water line on top reef maldives , shooting from 1/2 mt away
6244 Entries Found: Page 231  of  232